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Winter 2022 | Issue 22

When we talk about sourcing, it’s often through the lens of taste—channeling a client’s deepest desires into rooms that help them live better and more beautifully. But buying product is how most firms make money, and shopping smart can be the difference between making a profit and taking a loss. In this issue, we’re zooming out from perennial debates over markup percentages and charging strategies and instead investigating the big-picture ways designers can improve their margins and maximize profitability.

In any design business, there’s money coming and going at a dizzying, sometimes unpredictable rate. That’s why it’s crucial to create systems that allow you to access a constant stream of income. Here’s how successful design firms do it.
BY Haley Chouinard
There’s a big payoff when designers become stocking dealers—but what does it take to get there? Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting it right.
BY Caroline Bourque
Twenty years ago, retailers weren’t interested in designers. Now they actively court the trade. What changed—and why does it matter?
BY Fred Nicolaus
Design Dispatch
Pooja Pawaskar’s hand-whittled creations highlight the wonders of imperfection.
While there’s always a thrill in discovering a new gem, three designers share why their time-tested favorites still bring them (and their clients) joy.
This season’s coolest color combo is a trio of elementary school classics.
Take a spin through the color wheel with our top primary picks.
The magic is in the mix for this array of products inspired by primary colors.
Do you gravitate toward spaces with open floor plans, or do you prefer a series of rooms? Two designers face off on what to do about interior walls.
The Handbook
Dreaming of designing a showhouse space? Seasoned participants explain why it can be a big-time investment with even bigger rewards.

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