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Fall 2020 | Issue 17

It’s easy to get caught up in (or feel left behind by) the hype over the latest technologies, whether it’s the latest round of gadgets or platforms to run your business. Stay up-to-date with this issue, where we take an in-depth look at why the best smart home updates are all about connection, new software solutions that are poised to power the design industry, and how renderings are changing the way designers share their ideas in surprising ways.

Photorealistic imaging has become a powerful tool for interior designers. What’s the catch?
BY Fred Nicolaus
At Ike Kligerman Barkley, technology’s intrusion into the design process has been tempered by a reverence for the hand. From preliminary sketches to advanced 3D modeling, the firm’s layered approach illustrates how to embrace digital tools while keeping creativity alive.
BY Kaitlin Petersen
Design Dispatch
Two years after launching her textile brand, Valérie Louis’s mission to explore the beauty of African-Caribbean culture is more relevant than ever.
real estate
We asked three Bay Area designers to take us inside the challenges of working in the tech capital of the world.
From self-tinting glass to thermostats with motion sensors, the latest the high-tech home of the future has arrived. We’ve got our finger on the pulse of the latest that connectivity has to offer.
Two Philadelphia designers—one with everything at his voice-command, the other finding joy in an analog life—face off on the role of technology in the modern home.
Designer's Guide
Whether you’re making the trip to North Carolina this October or keeping up with your vendors virtually, we’ve got the download on what’s in store this season.
In the era of social distance, the concept of collaboration takes on new meaning. We shine a spotlight on some of the season’s most promising partnerships.
High Point welcomes a whopping 36 newcomers this fall, from solo artists to international brands. Here are a few we’re most excited to meet.
From plush, modern seating options to sleek, sophisticated tables, explore some of the season’s eye-catching new styles.
The Handbook
How the latest industry software offers new tools for design firms, showrooms and manufacturers to connect effortlessly and work faster.
With Henrybuilt's new kitchen systems line, Space Theory, a proprietary design software three years in the making allows users to lay out their own kitchen.

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