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Not only will a sleek and streamlined workstation help keep your clients organized—studies show it can improve focus and spark creativity.
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From graphic animal-print drapery fabric to paisley-covered wallpaper, these styles reimagine old-school motifs in a medley of modern ways.
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From curvy sofas to rattan-accented dining chairs, consider one of these material-driven pieces for your next exterior scheme.
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From outdoor-friendly fabrics to grasscloth wallcoverings, feast your eyes on some stylish ripe green designs that look anything but dated.
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From tiger-striped upholstery to crocodile-skin-style wallcoverings, these versatile designs will inspire your clients to take a walk on the wild side.
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From moiré-style wallcoverings to stained-glass-inspired mosaic tiles, these polychromatic pieces are every bit as versatile as they are fun to look at.
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Warmer weather is on the horizon, and there’s no better time to pick out a well-designed all-weather item (or three) for your next project.
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Well-designed multifunctional furniture can free up square footage without letting style fall by the wayside. From shape-shifting dining tables to sofas with built-in side tables, these sophisticated pieces pull double (or triple) duty.
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A striking pattern or silhouette can transform an understated area into an eye-catching interior vignette. From a curvaceous bookcase to a free-form table lamp, these stunners will deliver the drama in your upcoming project.
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Equal parts pretty and playful, designs trimmed in tassels and fringe create texture and movement. These festive styles will jazz up any room.
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Mitzi by Hidson Valley Lighting
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