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trade tales
May 27, 2022
A designer’s time is precious—and when it’s spent going back and forth, particularly after a design has been finalized, exchanges risk becoming tiresome if not outright contentious. It can be frustrating to hear that a client wants to substitute something after the fact, but the reality is, replacement requests are an inevitable part of the process. Here, we ask four industry pros—Irene Roqué, Matthew Boland, Samantha Arak and Maria Viola-Kuttruff—how they navigate that conversation.
retail watch
May 26, 2022
Direct-to-consumer cabinetry company Boxi has hooked up with a new retail partner: Rejuvenation, the niche furnishings and lighting brand that is part of the Williams-Sonoma stable of nameplates, which will be rolling out in-store and online programs to offer cabinetry to its customers.
weekly feature
May 25, 2022
With 2 billion monthly users, it’s almost double the size of Instagram, but YouTube is still unexplored territory for luxury brands and designers. That may be changing.
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