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New concept house puts wellness first

industry insider | October 19, 2018
House Beautiful’s Whole Home Project, the brand’s inaugural custom-built show house, enlisted designers and architects Linda MacArthur, Matthew Quinn, Sherry Hart and Michael Ladisic to draw up the plans for an Atlanta-based house to demonstrate how to build for wellness. By Kaitlin Petersen and Robyn Smith

Why real estate developers love this designer

real estate | October 19, 2018
Dan Mazzarini of BHDM Design designs model units with data and demographics in mind in the hopes of appealing to potential buyers and boosting sales. One of his most recent projects, a Harlem condominium complex called The Rennie, exemplifies his data-driven approach. By Robyn Smith

The founders of Flaneur are anything but

industry insider | October 18, 2018
Two years after its launch, direct to consumer digital bedding brand Flaneur is not only surviving, but thriving. Founders Lu Xiong and Tianjiao Saikhantal Yu, who met while attending graduate school at Columbia, share their first jobs, best advice, and the people they admire most with Business of Home.  By Staff

New IG account @TheOldHouseBeautiful goes viral

industry insider | October 18, 2018
"Welcome to #therebellion" reads the reposts for @theoldhousebeautiful—an Instagram account that formed less than 48 hours ago and has generated 5,676 followers at the time this story was published. By Staff

Am I too old to start a career as a designer?

business advice | October 18, 2018
Sean Low is the the go-to business coach for interior designers. In his advice column for BOH, he answers designers’ most pressing questions. By Sean Low

Watch: Video highlights and memories of Mario Buatta

industry insider | October 17, 2018
We dug through 10 years of EditorTV video archives for our best Mario Buatta interviews in commemoration of his passing Monday evening. We’ve also compiled a few memories from the editors who knew him best: Paige Rense, Carolyn Englefield, among others. By Staff

How H&M reinvigorated two heritage home brands

industry insider | October 17, 2018
Since H&M partnered with Karl Lagerfeld in 2004, collaborations with fashion designers have become a mainstay for the fast-fashion powerhouse. But earlier this year, H&M mixed things up by announcing partnerships with two British home brands, wallpaper and textile houses GP & J Baker and William Morris & Co. By Jeffrey Preis
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