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May the best design management software win

digital disruptors | May 21, 2019
The design industry has a new arms race: project management software. To the outside world, it is record-keeping with the sex appeal of the tax code. But for design professionals, it’s the administrative lifeblood of any operation that’s graduated from Excel and earnest prayer. On the heels of Ivy's announcement today of a new feature that converts mood boards into purchasing orders, here’s how project management platforms Ivy, Design Manager (now powered by 1stdibs), Studio Design and Fuigo are evolving to fit interior designers’ constantly changing digital admin needs. By Arianne Nardo

Kravet invests in promising students before their careers begin

industry insider | May 20, 2019
Beth Greene had a vision when she helped start Kravet’s Design Grad Program, spearheading what would become one of the New York–based company’s most important initiatives. Investing in emerging talents before they enter the field, teaching them the ins and outs of shopping at a to-the-trade resource is one surefire way to cement an early bond and become the go-to resource for the designers of tomorrow. By Robyn Smith

Peter Sallick on how to future-proof design

podcast | May 20, 2019
Waterworks CEO Peter Sallick tells BOH podcast host Dennis Scully how he spun success from the Great Recession, the strategy behind selling to RH, and how he always stays a step ahead. By Fred Nicolaus

Color matching on the go? This tech makes it possible

partnership | May 17, 2019
Whether you find inspiration on a flower petal, a favorite dress, or even an existing wall color, ColorReader helps users match the color of any flat surface to the closest paint color across the industry’s top brands. By Robyn Smith

Why this LA textiles designer opened a showroom in Kentucky

show-rumors | May 17, 2019
Versailles, Kentucky, unlike the French city of the same name, is pronounced phonetically: ver-sales. It’s home to many things, namely a number of bourbons and horses, both of which the state is known for. But it’s also home to textile designer Alex Mason, a Kentucky native who lived all over the world before moving back and opening her first permanent shop. By Robyn Smith
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