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Summer 2022 | Issue 24

Design is a creative pursuit. Running your own design business? The polar opposite. But if talking about money makes you want to run and hide, take heart: You’re not alone. We asked the experts what you need to know to get your firm’s finances in order. From how (and how much) to charge to how to talk about money with clients, your financial glow-up is just a click away.

Here’s everything—yes, everything—you can charge for.
BY Caroline Bourque
We tapped designers, business coaches and industry pros for fast, easy ways to manage your firm’s money smarter.
BY Fred Nicolaus & Kaitlin Petersen
Accounting is the boring part of interior design. Sales tax is the boring part of accounting. But designers take it lightly at their peril.
BY Fred Nicolaus
Design Dispatch
After an Instagram meet-cute, Kierra Campbell and Whinnie Williams founded design brand Poodle & Blonde in 2018 and have debuted a series of collections that tap into childhood obsessions.
A new find can be fun, but everyone has a piece that can work like a charm in any project. We asked three designers to share their favorite staples.
Most designers have a great workroom on speed dial. Texas designer Nancy Charbonneau explains how having a seamstress on staff is a key part of her business.
Few aesthetics capture the hot, fleeting allure of summer romance like those found in turn-of-the-19th-century France. Take a walk down memory lane with modern takes on time-tested trends.
There’s no skirting the issue here: Two designers take sides on whether the skirted table is a versatile classic or an impractical nuisance.
The Handbook
Seasoned pros reveal what they’ve learned about flipping properties—and how to avoid flopping.

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