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Spring 2022 | Issue 23

It has never been easier to get projects, and it has never been harder to get them done. That particular set of circumstances has led designers across the country to get serious about growing their firms. But what’s the right approach? In this issue, we take a look at the best practices behind smart growth, including hiring strategically and honing your leadership skills—or focusing on bigger projects instead of a bigger firm.

You may know it’s time to make a hire—but what kind of help you need? Here’s how to find the employee who will change your firm for the better.
BY Caroline Bourque
Thinking of expanding your team? Here’s how to get it right, from attracting applicants and finding the perfect fit to making onboarding a breeze.
BY Haley Chouinard
For all of the upsides of growth, there’s a side effect that doesn’t get talked about enough: how emotionally challenging it can be for the principal at the helm. Seven designers at different stages of staffing up share how they think about hiring, and how they’ve adjusted to their own changing role within the firm.
BY Kaitlin Petersen
Somewhere amid the emergence of “unicorn” brands and “rise and grind” coffee mugs, the frenetic whatever-it-takes ethos of buzzy startups has seeped into the workplace at large. But amid the pressures of hustle culture, which demands growth at all costs, some designers are opting to stay solo.
BY Fred Nicolaus
Design Dispatch
How Chasing Paper is changing the wallcoverings game, one patterned panel at a time.
While one-of-a-kind items are fabulous, there’s something to be said for timeless touches as well. We asked three designers to share their favorite pieces that work in any setting.
Bay Area interior designer Leah O’Connell had long nurtured a dream of starting her own textile line. A trip to Ireland—and some pandemic downtime—finally got her started.
After 30 years in the design industry, business coach Melissa Galt is fluent in the language of wealthy clients. In conversation with designer Kīyonda Powell, the two discuss Galt’s book on the topic of finding and connecting with members of the upper echelon.
Two New York designers face off on the shelf life of the color-coded library.
The Handbook
Dreaming of displaying your design talents in front of the camera? Designers who made it big on the small screen get candid about what you need to know.

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