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Fall 2017 | Issue 5

Technology is finally able to address one of the biggest stumbling blocks faced by every furniture salesperson on the planet: the customer’s inability to imagine how a piece of furniture will look at home. In this issue, we spotlight how augmented reality and 3-D-embracing innovators are creative bellwethers for tech’s impact on interiors, the rise of design podcasts, and how consumers are transacting with taps, not just clicks.

Augmented reality and 3-D-embracing innovators Hutch and Modsy are creative bellwethers for tech’s impact on interiors.
BY Dennis Scully
Podcasts used to be niche territory for subcultures and devotees looking to get their fix, but the masses have finally caught up. The design industry is lending its voice  to the mix. Who are the players? What are  they discussing? And is it possible to monetize design audibly?
BY Mieke ten Have
Two new interior design platforms, Ivymark and Fuigo reach beyond simple business support.
BY Jorge Arango
Has the industry’s favorite social media outlet become its newest sales channel?
BY Arianne Nardo
Autumn welcomes a bounty of new shops, showrooms and expansions.
These mattresses are the new status symbol.
Brian Patrick Flynn and Drew McGukin take their stance for/against lacquered walls.
BOH asked seven designers to share one standout customer service experience—the good, the bad and the unforgettable.
BOH asked Jody Seivert, a training and development coach and consultant, to share her best advice on how to ace the customer service experience. 

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