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Fall 2023 | Issue 29

From the platforms designers use to power their businesses to the innovations they are installing in their clients’ homes, technology has permeated every corner of the industry. In this issue, we examine what’s changing the way designers work today, including the ups and downs of the Instagram algorithm, the nascent capabilities of AI, how improvements in digital printing shape what makes it into a firm’s sample closet, and how smart home devices can improve health, wellness and safety.

Most of the design industry has finally moved away from sending faxes—but as we move fully into the digital age, what does it take to keep your business humming? These are the top tech platforms designers love now.
BY Haley Chouinard and Lizzy Reisinger
The Instagram algorithm has become notorious for its mystifying methodology, which can make or break user success with every invisible whim. What does it take to get it right?
BY Caroline Bourque
In a market of rapid-fire tech innovations, we cut through the noise to find out what you need to know about smart home design right now.
BY Hannah Hickok
Need a hand writing copy, driving business and spurring creativity on your team? The AI revolution is here. Here are all the ways it matters for designers.
BY Fred Nicolaus
Almost anyone can print a fabric now. What does that mean for your business? Inside the design industry’s digital printing revolution.
BY Fred Nicolaus
Design Dispatch
Centuries-old craftsmanship is at the heart of Rocky Mountain Hardware’s designs, but its latest collaboration is smartphone-friendly.
To capture the higher margins on construction, Ati Williams lawyered up, got her general contractor’s license, and opened a design-build firm. She explains how you can do it, too.
on the beat
With an emphasis on sustainable materials and honesty in craftsmanship, the design elements and ethos of the late 19th-century Arts and Crafts movement continue to endure.
open book
It’s easy to step into a well-designed space and know it works. It’s often harder to describe why, exactly. BOH asked celebrated designer Alexa Hampton to dissect the choices behind her moody, maximalist Manhattan bedroom.
designers debate
Two New York designers go head to head on a contentious design choice—twin beds in a guest room.
The Handbook
Good design will only get you so far. The next step: coordinating with a fleet of subcontractors to bring your vision to life on-site.

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