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Winter 2024 | Issue 30

A stress-free client experience can be the difference between a good project and a great one. With that in mind, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to setting reasonable expectations, communicating clearly, developing trust and coming out ahead. (Spoiler: That work starts before the contract is signed.) In this issue, dive deep into the tiny tweaks that will set you on course to achieve some semblance of equilibrium in your client relationships—or at least more efficient systems and less stress.

How you introduce a client to your design process can have a profound impact on their experience with your firm. Tap into these fresh approaches to set the tone for a successful project.
BY Fred Nicolaus
The design decisions have been finalized, and it’s time to bring your vision to life—here’s how to ensure this phase is smooth sailing for you and your clients.
BY Haley Chouinard
Here’s how client gifting can become a ritual that cultivates and reinforces a positive long-term relationship.
BY Caroline Bourque
By applying a little creativity and a lot of sound advice, you can turn your billing headaches into solutions that are in sync with your firm’s greater purpose.
BY Hannah Hickok
Design Dispatch
meet the makers
Ruchika Grover is on a mission to streamline sustainable stone design with a new line of precise, hand-finished cuts.
book review
The Los Angeles designer unpacks her design approach for a gathering space that prioritized calm, connection and an alluring marble focal point.
on the beat
A new class of furnishings aren’t just made from earth-friendly materials and processes—they’re designed to last more than a lifetime.
designers debate
Everyone wants a kitchen island, right? Wrong. Three designers face off on what really constitutes a kitchen essential.
The Handbook
A good relationship with your vendors can make a project sing. Here’s how to get it right.

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