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How Adam Sandow—and robots—are simplifying the sampling process

podcast | October 7, 2018
Nine months following an office move in New York and even Sandow founder and CEO Adam I. Sandow admits the company’s new headquarters is still a work in progress. As the brand’s growing media roster and business portfolio would attest, that’s just the way Sandow works. Sandow founder and ... By Mel Studach

How Brad Ford cultivated a community of modern makers

podcast | September 24, 2018
Along the drive to Brad Ford’s property in upstate New York, there was an old, black barn nestled in a vast field. One summer, the Manhattan-based interior designer noticed the barn was undergoing a renovation, and with each weekend trip north, he became more in awe with its progress. One day, F... By Mel Studach

How Tyler Hays inspired the maker movement

podcast | September 17, 2018
Renaissance man would be too lofty a label for Tyler Hays. He is indeed a master of all trades and, as he says in this week’s podcast, the “uncle” of the modern maker movement. Whether it’s digging clay for his tile collection, harvesting barley for his brewery, painting and weaving textiles for... By Robyn Smith

Why the home industry’s retail strategy isn’t working

podcast | September 10, 2018
There are few—if any—retailers in the home category that haven’t been under the microscope of journalist Warren Shoulberg. From the heyday of department stores to today’s direct-to-consumer players, he’s covered it. For more than 45 years, Shoulberg has worked as a retail reporter for trade medi... By Mel Studach

Industry West’s secret to scaling—without the help of VCs

podcast | August 27, 2018
Over a single phone call, Jordan England learned one of his first lessons in business: Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it. In 2009, mere months after co-founding his direct-to-consumer furniture company, Industry West, England received a call from a Pittsburgh restaurateur inquiring... By Melissa Studach

How Nicole Gibbons went from blogger to VC darling

podcast | August 17, 2018
Given the chance to describe interior designer Nicole Gibbons using one paint-color name from her new digitally native paint company, one would be pretty spot on in selecting Seize the Gray. The Detroit-born designer has been chasing her business goals—be it at a PR firm, design studio, televisi... By Melissa Studach

Inside Parachute Home’s community-focused expansion plans

podcast | August 10, 2018
There are many ways to retain customers. Traditional practices range from customer feedback surveys to offering postsale support and discounts. Ariel Kaye, founder and CEO of Parachute Home, has found another method that works: dog treats. “We’ve got this community of dogs that bring their owner... By Melissa Studach

Ralph Pucci's showroom rules to live by

podcast | July 27, 2018
There’s a soundtrack to Ralph Pucci International. Step into the penthouse of Ralph Pucci’s New York gallery today and you’ll find pieces by Hervé Van der Straeten and James hd Brown paired with an elegant jazz, while the John Koga and Pierre Paulin works downstairs fare better with rhythm and b... By Melissa Studach

What startup culture and values can do for a 128-year-old fabric house

fabric | July 20, 2018
Rule breaking, mistake making and willingness to experiment are a few of the characteristics fabric house Schumacher lists as desired behaviors in prospective employees. It’s not standard verbiage for most legacy brands, but as CEO Timur Yumusaklar and creative director Dara Caponigro explain in... By Melissa Studach
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