12 star design students you’ll want to hire

magazine | April 11, 2019
Design students from across the country threw their hats in the ring for top honors at the fourth-annual ASID Student Portfolio Competition, which pits design schools’ top talents against one another for the chance to win a scholarship and a place in the national spotlight. By Robyn Smith

The showroom is dead. Long live the experience center

magazine | April 4, 2019
Pity the executives of luxury appliance brands: In 2019, it’s not enough to have a great product anymore. Beautiful ads, hooky marketing? Everyone has that. And it’s certainly not enough to open a regular showroom—you need an experience center. By Fred Nicolaus

Expert’s toolbox: Cheryl Durst on what it takes to succeed as a designer today

magazine | March 29, 2019
Today, the spaces designers create are expected to do more than ever before. Offices are at the core of how we connect and where we spend the majority of our waking hours; hospitality spaces are not limited to a delicious meal or a comfortable night’s stay; and retail stores have become engaging, immersive environments. Cheryl Durst unpacks what it takes to succeed as a designer today—including all the skills that aren’t taught at design school. By Cheryl Durst, as told to Robyn Smith

Gary Friedman on building big, ignoring social media, and RH's future

magazine | February 27, 2019
RH has solidified its dominant position in retail with immense new flagships, more than 2,500 pages of catalogs each year, and a winning hospitality strategy. BOH sits down with the company’s chairman and CEO, Gary Friedman, the maverick mastermind of the company’s reinvention, to talk about his propensity for flying in the face of conventional wisdom, building big—and how the future of retail has never been brighter. By Kaitlin Petersen

How these 6 retailers are building omnichannel brands

magazine | February 26, 2019
With so many customer touchpoints available today, developing consistent storytelling across many platforms—from bricks-and-mortar to print and digital—plays a key role in retail success. BOH talks to six brands about the nuances of navigating today’s omnichannel landscape. By Jessica Dailey

How to design a storefront that's memorable—and Instagrammable

magazine | February 25, 2019
Designers are being asked to transform the standard storefront into a special, memorable, and often Instagrammable experience. Thinking about taking on a retail project of your own? We checked in with designers who have been there, done that, to weigh in on everything from product curation to sensory stimulation—and how to help brands inspire shoppers to spend. By Kathryn O'Shea-Evans
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