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The Texas-based home goods retailer announced the news on its Instagram account on Monday.
We asked 10 designers—Timothy Corrigan, LeeAnn Baker, Asha Maxey, Glenna Stone, Lance Thomas, Don Ricardo Massenburg, Rosemary Wormley, Anne Carr, Doreen Hunter and Brandi Wilkins—what they’ve found to be the most important points in their LOA.
To celebrate Pride Month, Business of Home spoke to 10 LGBTQ professionals to discuss history—from silence to acceptance—and what it means to be gay in the design industry today.
In our weekly digest, Perigold adds trade brands to its platform, celebrating Elle Decor’s 2020 A-List and more. Read on for the announcements crossing the BOH news desk this week.
With more designers than ever seeking ways to minimize outings to showrooms, performance textile brand Perennials has expanded its website to include trade-only e-commerce.
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Devotees believe these natural mineral formations can purify and ground a home's energy.
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The science is complicated. The marketing is unregulated. Why it's so hard to know what makes a healthy home.
In the era of self-care, getting enough Zs is a rising priority. When it comes to creating a bedroom, what design decisions will actually make a difference?
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