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After a failed search for a white-knight investor, last week Homepolish CEO Noa Santos told his remaining designers that the company will shut down operations—without paying them. In the aftermath of the collapse, designers are reeling.
Following positive earnings news—adjusted earnings came in at $3.20 a share, up 59 percent from last year, on revenue of nearly $707 million for the quarter—and a stock price that had nearly doubled in the past three months, RH chairman and CEO Gary Friedman was ebullient as he treated the team of Wall Street analysts who cover the company to a post-earnings conference call that spanned nearly two hours.
With a change in management and merchandising direction, the home industry’s legendary big-box retailer is about to become a very different retail animal. Market Watch columnist Warren Shoulberg has the inside scoop.
A rising number of companies in the home industry are publishing branded magazines as an authentic marketing move. BOH consulted with some of the brands producing these glossies to find out what drives their strategy.
By outward appearances, it’s business as usual at Homepolish. Behind the scenes, the company is in the thick of a tumultuous period: Since late June, the majority of employees have been on unpaid leave, the company has vacated its 12,000-square-foot office, and business is being slow-walked. We talked to founder and CEO Noa Santos, as well as former and current employees, to find out what went wrong—and what’s next.
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For its new Kravet Workspace, designed with an on-the-move clientele in mind, the fabric company delivers a fresh twist on an old-school model.
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For more than a decade, Susan Inglis has steadily and tirelessly beat the drum for green practices in the home furnishings industry.
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Three years ago, Heath Ceramics embarked on a radical company-wide journey to eradicate waste. BOH caught up with the California-based brand to find out how, why—and how much it (didn’t) cost.
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