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Custom closets are a $6 billion market. The Container Store wants a bigger slice.
New York City–based designer Becky Shea reveals how she landed her first major gig overhauling a 7,500-square-foot home—plus, what she learned from the intense experience.
@TheOldHouseBeautiful, the Instagram account that briefly set the design media world on fire, has been shut down.
We asked seven designers—Marshall Watson, Suellen Gregory, Mikel Welch, Kendall Wilkinson, Betsy Wentz, Robin Baron and Julia Buckingham—how they handle order errors, from minor to major.
We asked five designers—Bria Hammel, Breegan Jane, Matthew Patrick Smyth, Laura Krey and Christine Lin—if they have minimum budgets and if they ever make exceptions.
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Kelly Behun Studio, New York
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Three years ago, Heath Ceramics embarked on a radical company-wide journey to eradicate waste. BOH caught up with the California-based brand to find out how, why—and how much it (didn’t) cost.
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Sprawling, net-zero spaces leverage creative new technologies and methodologies—proof, once and for all, that sustainability comes in all sizes.
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Taking the first step toward shopping with sustainability in mind might be daunting, but these 63 brands make it easy to go green.
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