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Deep greens are trending. BOH gathered seven emerald decor accents that make it a breeze to incorporate the bold jewel tone into an interior.
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Bright yet versatile, brass can energize a room without overpowering it. BOH presents eight decor items to liven up a drab decorscape.
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Along with supplying a pop of geometric interest, furnishings with cutouts can create the illusion of a larger room. BOH gathered seven small space-savvy items with peek-a-boo accents to prove our point.
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Smooth, sinuous silhouettes are having a moment. BOH presents nine amorphous items to create a more calming interior.
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Elegant and ethereal, a stylish avian accent is a fanciful way to evoke the spirit of the great outdoors inside a space. BOH gathered seven bird-inspired items that will give your clients something to chirp about.
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Triangles are having a moment. BOH presents six furnishings with triangular details to add a clean-lined touch of geometry to a space.
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Simple yet glamorous, arches are all the rage in the interiors world. BOH gathered seven items with arc motifs to help you incorporate the trend into a room.
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Free-flowing curves and shapes continue to gain speed in the design world. BOH gathered seven undulating items that will usher a touch of nature into any style of home.
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Broken lines and patterns are a design-savvy way to usher graphic drama and a touch of the great outdoors into a space. BOH rounded up seven items with fissured patterns to help liven up a uniform space.
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When it comes to incorporating color into a room, less isn’t always more. BOH gathered seven polychromatic pieces that will instantly brighten up a decorscape without creating visual clutter.
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Mitzi by Hidson Valley Lighting
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