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Well-designed multifunctional furniture can free up square footage without letting style fall by the wayside. From shape-shifting dining tables to sofas with built-in side tables, these sophisticated pieces pull double (or triple) duty.
Boh phillip jeffries w qgyhgdgw
A striking pattern or silhouette can transform an understated area into an eye-catching interior vignette. From a curvaceous bookcase to a free-form table lamp, these stunners will deliver the drama in your upcoming project.
Gloriette install7
Equal parts pretty and playful, designs trimmed in tassels and fringe create texture and movement. These festive styles will jazz up any room.
Boh hooker furnishings 3b8xjr4vwa %281%29
From elephant-inspired stunners to scalloped beauties, these snuggly styles will soften up a space in seconds.
Cabinet gallery angle 2 3526 v2
If your client loves to entertain, these designs—from wooden ice buckets to hand-blown drinking glasses—will be a game changer.
Boh innovations vrc6p mv7a
From cork-based wallcoverings to flip-down desks, these beauties will shine in any space.
Boh lulu and georgia  njszoxhurg
Your floors are teeming with design opportunities—it just takes the right rug. From outdoor-ready beauties to asymmetrical eye-catchers, these designs are equal parts chic and comforting.
Boh hooker furnishings jqkluhqgfq
A little hide upholstery can go a long way in a room. From loveseats to dining chairs and bar cabinets, Business of Home presents leathery looks that would warm up any room.
Boh made goods xzcbu7hgrg %281%29
From plaster-based beauties to cast brass charmers, these luminous designs will instantly brighten the room—and your client’s day.
Boh mokum ujvrsxaqfw
Bird and butterfly motifs are as elegant as they are ethereal. From peacock-clad curtain panels to monarch-filled wallcoverings, these faunal finds are as elegant as they are ethereal.
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Mitzi by Hidson Valley Lighting
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