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Versatile and effortlessly cool, blue jean-colored textiles and decor items have been popping up in a slew of summer-ready design collections. BOH rounded up six denim-hued pieces that will bring an easygoing vibe to your home.
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Having first made a splash in the 1980s, squiggly lines are back. BOH rounded up seven exuberant pieces sure to lend a playful touch to your home.
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Navy blue is perhaps the most versatile, classic hue around, easily fitting into any aesthetic and adding a dash of color. Here, BOH has highlighted 10 new pieces that show how stylish the staple can be.
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These nine new products offer alluring ways to incorporate organic finishes into any space.
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Eight new lamps and light fixtures that artfully blend form and function.
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A timeless classic, the stripe can be both dazzling or demure, possessing the power to recede or to make a bold statement depending on the scale.
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Although blue isn’t usually seen as a daring color, that doesn’t mean it can’t be used in surprising ways. Here, we’ve curated eight new products that show how striking the hue can be.
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From a unique objet to a bold vase, decorative accessories are often what make a space truly memorable. Here, peruse seven striking new accessories.
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While spring is nature’s reminder of the beauty of flowers, ebullient floral patterns like the ones featured in these six new textiles will brighten your home year-round.
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The first blooms of spring have started to break through the wintry haze, so BOH found seven delightfully cheerful pastel products that bring a pop of spring indoors.