• What is Collections?

    Collections will allow brands to offer designers and clients a beautiful and interactive debut of new product collections, with big beautiful photographs, descriptions and specs, and tearsheets.

  • How does it work?

    Brands may submit up to 50 product images and 100 words of copy through an online portal, which will be published on a page dedicated to that collection. Visitors to the page will have the ability to print a tear sheet of the collection, download and share images, and link to the product or company page for additional details.

  • How can I upgrade my Collections?

    Editorial upgrades include a Q&A with the brand’s creative director by a Business of Home editor, and inclusion in a special section of our design newsletter. After you build your Collection and submit payment, you’ll be given a list of options to upgrade editorially.

  • How else can I make my Collection shine?

    Email advertising@businessofhome.com to learn about virtual product presentations, documentary-style videos, dedicated eblasts and more.

  • What is LAUNCH?

    LAUNCH webinars are intensive two-hour sessions, consisting of both short presentation and lengthy Q&A with expert instructors. Consider these courses a consulting session—come armed with questions, ready to pick your instructors' brains to discover how you can apply their strategies to your business. Learn to draft airtight contracts, create a digital marketing strategy, manage client expectations and difficult personalities, build confidence when pitching clients, figure out exactly how to charge for your design expertise, and more.

  • How much does a LAUNCH class cost?

    A la carte tickets to each class are available for $125. BOH Insiders get complimentary access to each course.

  • I'm a BOH Insider. How do I register for an upcoming course?

    BOH Insiders can visit their Benefits Portal, where all current LAUNCH classes are listed, to register directly with Zoom. Or, email membership@businessofhome.com with any questions.

  • How do I prepare to take an online course?

    Online classes are conducted through Zoom webinar. All you need to join is reliable internet access and speakers with good volume. 

  • I have a conflict and can't attend the webinar. Will there be a recording available?

    Some, but not all, online webinars are recorded and available after-the-fact to BOH Insiders in the video recording library. Everyone who registers to attend a course will receive a video link, if available.

  • Why isn't a recording I'm looking for here?

    Some instructors do not wish to have their classes available as video, due to the proprietary or changing nature of their content. Classes conducted in person are not recorded.

  • How do I log in?

    Navigate to the top right corner of the homepage and select “Create an account” or “Log In” from the dropdown menu that appears when you mouse over the little grey person. You can use the “Forgot My Password” option to reset your password if needed.

  • How can I adjust my email settings?

    After logging in, mouse up to the top right corner over the little grey person and select Dashboard from the dropdown. In your Dashboard, on the menu to the right, click Accounts and then Email Subscriptions.

  • How can I update my print magazine mailing address or subscription?

    After logging in, mouse up to the top right corner over the little grey person and select Dashboard from the dropdown. In your Dashboard, on the menu to the right, click Accounts and then Print Subscriptions. If you are receiving a gift subscription from one of our partners, please email membership@businessofhome.com.

  • I have an idea for a story or guest contributor, or would like to pitch my announcement for coverage. Who should I reach out to?

    Business of Home publishes breaking news, industry insights and market analysis affecting the interior design and home space. Our editors are looking to hear from industry leaders, entrepreneurs and creative thinkers whose business strategies, pivots and innovations will resonate with our audience of interior designers and trade professionals. Have an idea to share? Reach our editors here. (Please keep in mind that we are not a consumer-focused publication, and we do not accept home tours, styled photoshoots or trend pitches. We also do not accept articles for placement.) 

    News on showroom openings, professional moves and design book publication can be sent to tips@businessofhome.com. Trade shows and design centers can also send announcements and updates for Show & Tell or our weekly News Digest to tips@businessofhome.com.

    If you are a working interior designer and would like to be considered for an upcoming Trade Tales question, please introduce yourself! Send a short bio, headshot and 3 unique or fun facts about your business to tips@businessofhome.com .

    Think you’d make a good podcast guest? Email podcast@businessofhome.com; be sure to peruse our recent guests, and include your bio and a brief description of what you’d like to contribute to the conversation.

    Questions for Sean Low’s Business Advice column can be sent to editors@businessofhome.com 

  • Can I reshare your content on our site?

    Please email editors@businessofhome.com to receive our Content Sharing Guidelines.

  • I am having a problem. How do I reach Business of Home to help?

    Contact us here.

  • How much does a job posting cost, and how long does it stay on the site?

    Job postings are $299 and appear on the site for 90 days. You can post a new job here.

  • Who will see my job posting?

    Job postings are included in the Jobs vertical and also on the homepage. It is included in our daily newsletter the morning after it is posted, and our weekly newsletter the Wednesday after it is posted. Occasionally, our editorial team will select certain jobs to appear on our social media channels, but these are selected solely at the discretion of Business of Home.

  • Once I post my job, how will I receive candidates?

    Candidates are invited to submit a cover letter, resume, and any other requested attachments. Once submitted, these will be automatically emailed to the email address associated with the account that created the job posting.

  • Why has my job posting dropped down on the Jobs page?

    A new job posting appears at the top of the Jobs vertical as soon as it’s posted, and is pushed down as other people post their new jobs after it. After some time and enough new jobs, your post may fall “below the fold.” Because all new job postings begin at the top of the page and are ordered chronologically from time of posting, users are unable to “boost” their job back to the top.

  • How do I edit or remove my job posting?

    Log in to the account that posted the job, mouse up to the top right corner over the little grey person and select Dashboard from the dropdown menu. In your Dashboard, on the menu to the right, click Submissions and then Jobs. All of your job postings are listed here and can be edited, or paused if the position has been filled.

  • How much does a calendar event listing cost, and how long do they stay on the site?

    Calendar event listings cost $75 and appear until the posted end date of the event. You can post a calendar event listing here.

  • Who will see my calendar event listing?

    Calendar event listings are included in the Calendar vertical and also on the homepage. They are included in our weekly newsletter the Wednesday after they are posted. Occasionally, our editorial team will select certain events to appear on our social media channels, but these are selected solely at the discretion of Business of Home.

  • How do I edit or remove my calendar event listing?

    Log in to the account that posted the event, mouse up to the top right corner over the little grey person and select Dashboard from the dropdown. In your Dashboard, on the menu to the right, click Submissions and then Events. All your calendar event listings are listed here and can be edited up until the posted end date.

  • Will BOH cover our event?

    Business of Home covers design events through The Scene and through event photography and video coverage. Contact advertising@businessofhome.com for pricing or additional information.

  • What is the Experts directory?

    Experts is a directory of business services, skilled tradespeople and an interior designer directory. Business service categories include accounting and financial services, art advisors, authors and copywriters, business consultants, legal services, licensing services, marketing and PR, photographers, recruiters, stylists and web/graphic designers. Skilled trades include cabinet makers, contractors, decorative artists, landscape architects and designers, lighting and lampshades, organizers, painting and wallpaper installers, shipping and receiving, textile printers, fabric mills and workrooms.

  • How much does an Experts listing cost?

    Experts listings are free for BOH Insiders, or $349 per year. You can create your listing here.

  • I am a BOH Insider, where do I claim my free Experts listing?

    You can claim your Experts listing via your Benefits Portal. Once the form has been filled out and submitted (ignore the payment fields), return to your Dashboard, click on Submissions and then Experts, and toggle your profile to active! (If you are not a BOH Insider, you can purchase a listing here.)

  • Who can people see my Experts listing?

    Listings in the Business Services and Interior Designer directories are available to the public. Listings in the Skilled Trades categories are available exclusively for BOH Insiders.

  • How can I edit my Experts listing?

    You can edit your Experts listing at any time in your Dashboard, by clicking on Submissions and then Experts.

Future of Home
  • Where is the conference being held, and what is the agenda?

    Future of Home will take place at Chelsea Industrial in New York City.

    While a detailed speaker agenda won’t be revealed until right before the conference, you can plan to expect the following basic structure:

    Monday, September 12th
    10:00 a.m. Doors Open
    10:30 a.m. General Session
    12:00 p.m. Lunch
    1:30 p.m. General Session
    3:00 p.m. Afternoon Break and Gift Bag collection
    3:30 p.m. General Session
    5:00 p.m. Opening Night Reception

    Tuesday, September 13th
    10:00 a.m. Doors Open
    10:30 p.m. General Session
    12:00 p.m. Lunch
    1:30 p.m. Workshops
    3:30 p.m. Wrap
    5:00 p.m. VIP Party

Resume Board
  • What is the Resume Board?

    BOH’s Resume Board is a collection of the finest talent from the industry, and allows potential employers to seek out people that suit their needs. Job hunters can opt-in to posting their resume for others to find via their Applicant Profile.

  • How does the Applicant Profile work?

    In your user account, fill out an Applicant Profile with contact information and relevant work experience. You can use this Profile to quickly fill out future applications on BOH’s job board, or opt-in to having your resume shared on the Resume Board.

  • Who can see my resume on the Resume Board?

    Only member of BOH Insider can view resumes on the Resume Board. To gain access, sign up here