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How to streamline new-hire onboarding: 4 designers’ best tips

trade tales | February 15, 2019
How you convey the mission, process and culture of your design firm can be the difference between problems and productivity for a new hire. Interior designers Michael Abrams, Todd Davis, Laurie Demetrio and Eric Ross explain how they set new team members up for success. By Mel Studach

Launching your own firm? How to get it right

trade tales | February 8, 2019
Interior designers Marie-Christine McNally, Nicholas Moriarty, Meghan Hackett-Cassidy, Josh Hildreth, Erin Shakoor and Bradley Bayou weigh in on how—if given the chance—they would have launched their design firms differently. By Mel Studach

The secret to fixing a strained client/designer relationship

trade tales | January 18, 2019
As any designer can attest, not all clients are a breeze to work with. Before considering firing one, take the advice of interior designers Harvey and Annie Elliot on how to best deal with trying personalities. By Mel Studach

How one email habit transformed Lisa Mende’s design business

trade tales | January 15, 2019
After 17 years running her Charlotte, North Carolina–based design firm, Lisa Mende believes firmly in establishing healthy communication systems—and boundaries—with her clients. “Client management means everything to a project’s success,” she tells BOH. Here, she shares her formula for a fruitful relationship. By Kaitlin Petersen

How this busy bicoastal designer finds work-life balance

trade tales | January 4, 2019
In addition to running offices in New York and Los Angeles, Marie Burgos has a growing collection of furniture, lighting and accessories. The product and interior designer shares how she makes it all happen while remaining zen. By Mel Studach

6 ways to nail the design consultation process

trade tales | December 27, 2018
Interior designers Ann Lowengart, Michael Coyne, Nicole White, Jonathan Savage, Caitlin Murray and Danu Kennedy share how they prepare for the meeting and shape the client experience. By Mel Studach

5 designers on the best ways to reach new clients

trade tales | December 20, 2018
Interior designers Alan Tanksley, Marika Meyer, Gregory Augustine, Delia K. Brennen and Abbe Fenimore discuss the tools that work (and the ones that don’t) for marketing their brands. By Mel Studach
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