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An imperfect union: What went wrong at Robert Allen Duralee—and what’s to come?

weekly feature | May 15, 2019
On May 2, RADG was saved from liquidation by Tennessee–based real estate developer Brant Enderle, who purchased the failing company for $19 million. On the same day, Enderle issued a round of layoffs, letting go of a reported 36 employees, including the entire executive leadership team. BOH analyzes how the brand got here and where it’s headed next. By Kaitlin Petersen

Clinton Smith to take the helm at New England Home

weekly feature | May 8, 2019
This summer, former Veranda editor in chief Clinton Smith will take the reins at Esteem Media’s New England Home. The Dallas native tells BOH about his plans for the bimonthly shelter magazine, and the passion project he developed during his time off. By Kaitlin Petersen

Can Whitney Robinson’s new show bring real design to Bravo?

industry insider | May 1, 2019
Bravo’s new design competition series, Best Room Wins, debuts tonight. Judge and Elle Decor editor in chief Whitney Robinson told BOH how the show was born, why there’s no blooper reel, and how up-and-coming designers seeking media coverage can set themselves apart. By Fred Nicolaus

The bizarre unraveling of Laurel & Wolf

weekly feature | April 24, 2019
In 2014, Laurel & Wolf emerged as one of the interior design industry’s most promising startups. Earlier this year, it quietly sputtered to a close. Business of Home analyzes how unstable management, lavish spending, and logistical nightmares led to the company’s downfall. By Fred Nicolaus

Back in business, Consort comes clean

weekly feature | April 17, 2019
The buzzy Los Angeles–based furniture brand’s co-founder, Mat Sanders, opens up to Business of Home about the pitfalls of scaling too fast, why Consort hit a rough patch, and how the company will make a comeback this season. By Fred Nicolaus

What to know before outsourcing your social media

weekly feature | April 3, 2019
For many designers, keeping up with Instagram and client projects is like having two jobs. Could outsourcing to a social media management agency, PR firm or freelance guru be the answer? Business of Home talked to experts to find out how it works. By Jessica Dailey

What’s the deal with brand ambassadors?

weekly feature | March 27, 2019
Business of Home chatted with a handful of design brands and the ambassadors they’ve embraced to get the scoop on how and why partnerships like this can work for your business. By Robyn Smith

Steele Marcoux on Veranda's next chapter

weekly feature | February 20, 2019
In advance of her first issue, the newly appointed Veranda editor in chief tells Business of Home about her vision for the brand, why returning to the magazine’s southern roots is an advantage, and what differentiates the title from every other shelter publication. By Kaitlin Petersen
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