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Heath Ceramics made its employees into owners. Should you?

weekly feature | January 9, 2019
The iconic 70-year-old California ceramics brand addressed the question of succession by executing an ESOP, a financial maneuver that gives employees co-ownership of—and a new kind of egalitarian investment in—their company. By Fred Nicolaus

Behind Brett Beldock’s pivot to product design

weekly feature | December 19, 2018
Brett Beldock reflects on her major career shift from interior design to commercial product design—including her partnership with CB2—and why she hasn’t looked back since. By Robyn Smith

Black designers speak up, hold the design industry accountable

weekly feature | December 12, 2018
Designers and artists of color have been shut out of the design industry’s conversation for far too long. Now, a group of powerhouse designers behind the newly formed Black Artists + Designers Guild and the 8-year-old Black Interior Designers Network, both organizations dedicated to elevating the work and voices of black design professionals, are speaking out—and making a difference. By Robyn Smith

Is the business of memo sampling ready for disruption?

weekly feature | November 21, 2018
Designers and manufacturers agree that memo sampling is necessary for success, however archaic the system may be. A new platform, Material Bank, hopes to streamline the sampling process.  By Jeffrey Preis

How Trump's tariffs put the home industry at risk

international | November 7, 2018
Political turbulence and an escalating trade war between the U.S. and China threaten to destabilize the production processes of many industry manufacturers. By Mel Studach

Why mass fashion brands are laser-focused on home

weekly feature | October 24, 2018
Lucky Brand joins Juicy Couture, French Connection and Madewell in the latest crop of fashion brands looking to nab a slice of the $649 billion home market. By Mel Studach
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