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Less isn’t always more when it comes to eye-catching prints and patterns. BOH presents seven items that can double as focal points without overpowering a space.
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In the market for a soothing sage-colored accent? BOH gathered seven items ideal for any style of interior.
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When it’s too cold to go outside, a decor accent that emulates the natural world is the next best thing. BOH presents eight pieces that evoke the spirit of the great outdoors.
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Though it’s one of the oldest motifs in history, mosaic is every bit as beloved today as it was centuries ago. BOH gathered seven of-the-moment items that look anything but dated.
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From chessboard-style floor tiles to Bauhaus-inspired rugs, BOH presents six stylish items to help you incorporate the pattern trend into a room.
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From speckled table lamps to wallpapers featuring free-flowing drips of color, BOH gathered six items sure to bring a playful touch to a decorscape.
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Deep greens are trending. BOH gathered seven emerald decor accents that make it a breeze to incorporate the bold jewel tone into an interior.
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Bright yet versatile, brass can energize a room without overpowering it. BOH presents eight decor items to liven up a drab decorscape.
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Along with supplying a pop of geometric interest, furnishings with cutouts can create the illusion of a larger room. BOH gathered seven small space-savvy items with peek-a-boo accents to prove our point.
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Smooth, sinuous silhouettes are having a moment. BOH presents nine amorphous items to create a more calming interior.
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Mitzi by Hidson Valley Lighting
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