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Bold yet versatile, a dash of red can instantly energize an interior without overpowering a subdued color palette. BOH gathered seven scarlet-hued items sure to spice up any space.
Hallie coffee table lifestyle
Glamorous yet playful, fringe supplies copious amounts of texture with an added dash of art deco–level drama. BOH gathered six fringed decor items sure to energize any style of space.
Boh bella notte linens xsc6zcjrtw
Bold yet buttery smooth, velvet fabric and upholstery is making a major statement just in time for fall. BOH gathered seven velvety items ideal for any style of interior.
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Too much symmetry in the same space can read stuffy. Business of Home rounded up 8 asymmetrical decor and furniture pieces to keep you on your toes.
Moon dark multi artistic tile
Simple but versatile, circular patterns can bring advanced geometry to any space. Business of Home presents seven spotted decor pieces that’ll have you spinning round in circles.
Boh mitchell gold   bob williams  41gpz7zaxw
A high-style selection of raffia and rattan furniture has arrived just in time for the dog days of summer. Business of Home found eight lightweight woven wood pieces sure to open up a stuffy space.
Boh porter teleo  tcyo8jwh7w
Having first made a splash in the 1980s, squiggly lines are back. BOH rounded up seven exuberant pieces sure to lend a playful touch to your home.
Sunbrella opener
Versatile and effortlessly cool, blue jean-colored textiles and decor items have been popping up in a slew of summer-ready design collections. BOH rounded up six denim-hued pieces that will bring an easygoing vibe to your home.
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Navy blue is perhaps the most versatile, classic hue around, easily fitting into any aesthetic and adding a dash of color. Here, BOH has highlighted 10 new pieces that show how stylish the staple can be.
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These nine new products offer alluring ways to incorporate organic finishes into any space.