Digital, meet traditional: Floyd expands partnership with West Elm

show-rumors | June 12, 2019
The sustainability minded, Detroit-based startup’s furniture, including flat-pack sofas, tables and beds, are now available through West Elm’s online retail channel, as well as in physical stores in three cities—New York; Austin, Texas; and Santa Monica, California. By Robyn Smith

Why this LA textiles designer opened a showroom in Kentucky

show-rumors | May 17, 2019
Versailles, Kentucky, unlike the French city of the same name, is pronounced phonetically: ver-sales. It’s home to many things, namely a number of bourbons and horses, both of which the state is known for. But it’s also home to textile designer Alex Mason, a Kentucky native who lived all over the world before moving back and opening her first permanent shop. By Robyn Smith

Is Amanda Lindroth the Martha Stewart of the islands?

on the beat | May 2, 2019
Today the Bahamas, tomorrow the world. Nassau-based interior designer Amanda Lindroth is on a quest to bring her island-inspired style to a wider audience. The first outpost in her expanding empire? A charming shop in Charleston, South Carolina, opening in May. By Fred Nicolaus

Matthew Quinn teams up with a new partner to take on Nashville

show-rumors | May 1, 2019
Kitchen and bath designer Richard T. Anuszkiewicz will become the lead designer in Design Galleria Kitchen and Bath Studio’s new showroom at the Nashville Design Collective, the first design city center in Nashville, owned by Design Galleria founder Matthew Quinn. By Robyn Smith

LA’s hottest showroom goes outdoors

show-rumors | April 25, 2019
On May 9, MASS Beverly co-founders Mary Ta and Lars Hypko will debut The Outdoors, a 3,000-square-foot showroom dedicated to sexy exterior trappings and art-directed vignettes. By Arianne Nardo
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