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Change at the top for Bed Bath & Beyond, RH pays out, and more

market watch | May 15, 2019
Market Watch columnist Dennis Scully analyzes the ups—and mostly downs—at retailers Bed Bath & Beyond, RH and Wayfair. From new leadership to a major settlement with an investor group, here’s everything you need to know about these publicly traded brands. By Dennis Scully

How Jersey’s American Dream Mall became a nightmare

market watch | April 23, 2019
A decade and a half after ground was broken in 2005, the American Dream shopping center remains under construction. Located somewhere in the swamps of East Rutherford, New Jersey—and locally known as Xanadu or the Mess in the Meadowlands—the complex’s current owners have announced it will open in the fall. One can presume they mean this fall, though based on history, it’s anybody’s guess if the latest deadline will stick. By Warren Shoulberg

Is winter coming to Bed Bath & Beyond?

market watch | April 16, 2019
If, like Bed Bath & Beyond CEO Steven Temares, you’ve been making millions of dollars a year while driving your company’s share price into the ground, the last thing you want to hear is that a Schedule 13D with your company’s name on it has been filed with the Securities & Exchange commission. Dennis Scully breaks down the business news. By Dennis Scully

Home is where the heart is—except at Hudson Yards

market watch | April 9, 2019
Hudson Yards: It’s the latest, greatest thing in New York City retailing, a seven-story wonderland of shiny stores, luxury brands and thousands of things you didn’t think you needed. But if you want to shop for your home? Not so much. By Warren Shoulberg

A difficult December for RH sends its share price tumbling

market watch | April 1, 2019
The release of RH’s earning report last Thursday, and the conference call with analysts that followed, reveal how the company was thrown by the recent volatility in the stock market and the continued slowdown in the high-end real estate market. By Dennis Scully

Sundance makes itself more at home

market watch | March 18, 2019
Robert Redford’s Sundance catalog has dropped its first home-only catalog and is making moves to become a bigger player in the furnishings category. By Warren Shoulberg

Z Gallerie files for bankruptcy. What went wrong?

market watch | March 12, 2019
Was it the brand’s out-of-touch merchandising, or is Z Gallerie just another private equity victim? For those keeping score, the correct answer is probably a little bit of both. By Warren Shoulberg

Is the era of outsourcing textile production ending? American Merchant says yes

market watch | February 26, 2019
More than a decade after most of the domestic home textiles industry that once made billions of dollars’ worth of sheets and towels decamped for Asia, manufacturing in the category is slowly starting to return to the United States. The latest entry in the Made in the USA movement comes from a new company called American Merchant, whose new facility in Virginia will up and running (and shipping towels) by the second half of this year. By Warren Shoulberg
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