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Market Watch

Sundance makes itself more at home

market watch | March 18, 2019
Robert Redford’s Sundance catalog has dropped its first home-only catalog and is making moves to become a bigger player in the furnishings category. By Warren Shoulberg

Z Gallerie files for bankruptcy. What went wrong?

market watch | March 12, 2019
Was it the brand’s out-of-touch merchandising, or is Z Gallerie just another private equity victim? For those keeping score, the correct answer is probably a little bit of both. By Warren Shoulberg

Is the era of outsourcing textile production ending? American Merchant says yes

market watch | February 26, 2019
More than a decade after most of the domestic home textiles industry that once made billions of dollars’ worth of sheets and towels decamped for Asia, manufacturing in the category is slowly starting to return to the United States. The latest entry in the Made in the USA movement comes from a new company called American Merchant, whose new facility in Virginia will up and running (and shipping towels) by the second half of this year. By Warren Shoulberg

For big-box lifestyle retailers, the store is the brand—until it’s not

market watch | January 29, 2019
From Pottery Barn to Ikea, lifestyle retailers are expanding their offerings to include products from other brands, a significant shift in merchandising strategy intended to capture younger consumers. Market Watch columnist Warren Shoulberg tells us why. By Warren Shoulberg

How 25 years of HGTV has transformed the home industry

market watch | January 2, 2019
As HGTV celebrates its 25th anniversary, it reaches close to 100 million homes, or more than eight of ten American households. Warren Shoulberg traces the origins of the network’s monumental success and its far-reaching impact on the home industry and culture at large. By Warren Shoulberg

RH stock on the rise after third-quarter earnings outperform estimates

market watch | December 11, 2018
On an earnings call last week, RH's chairman and CEO Gary Friedman reported that his company’s fiscal third quarter net income leapt 92 percent to $46.8 million, or $1.73 a share, trouncing the street’s consensus estimate for earnings of $1.27 a share. Then, citing “exceptional” third quarter results and the “continued evolution of our new business model,” Friedman announced that the company was raising its revenue and earnings guidance for the fourth quarter. By Dennis Scully

The carpet and rug business doesn’t have to return—it never left in the first place

market watch | November 20, 2018
While there are certainly a fair number of area and bath rugs produced overseas in China, India, Pakistan, Turkey and other pockets around the world, most of the carpeting and a large percentage of the rugs sold in the U.S. are, and have always been, made in the U.S. It’s one of the more curious anomalies of the home business, one that owes its existence to both a very unique product development story and the realities of global transportation. By Warren Shoulberg

Is Wayfair’s $9 billion valuation justifiable?

market watch | November 13, 2018
Even after losing more than $5 billion in market capitalization in recent weeks, Wayfair is still valued at nearly $9 billion dollars—more than the valuation of Knoll, Herman Miller, RH, Ethan Allen and La-Z-Boy combined. The question is why. By Dennis Scully

Do furniture brands still matter?

market watch | October 25, 2018
When Authentic Brands Group bought some of the best names in the furniture business earlier this month for what amounts to a rounding error for many big corporations, it said a lot about the furniture business. Namely, that one more company will try to solve the furniture business’s branding conundrum. By Warren Shoulberg
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