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Can One Kings Lane save Bed Bath & Beyond?

market watch | July 3, 2018
It’s often said that when you are the CEO of a publicly traded company, you get a report card every day from shareholders. It comes in the form of your company’s stock price. If, however, you are Steven Temares, the CEO of Bed Bath & Beyond, where shares have fallen by over 50 percent since ... By Dennis Scully

What South Dakota v. Wayfair means for e-commerce

market watch | June 26, 2018
If you sit on the Supreme Court bench long enough, you might be given the opportunity to overturn a ruling you later come to regret. In deciding the case of South Dakota versus Wayfair, Justice Anthony Kennedy had a chance to do just that—and he took it. In 1992, Justice Kennedy was part of t... By Dennis Scully

Betting against RH costs short sellers dearly

market watch | June 20, 2018
With more than 35 percent of its outstanding shares sold short, RH, the company formerly known as Restoration Hardware, is currently the 10th most shorted stock on the New York Stock Exchange. Traders who profit from a company’s falling share price got their first taste of blood from RH in 2016.... By Dennis Scully

Is time running out for Bed Bath & Beyond?

market watch | April 25, 2018
Once upon a time, Bed Bath & Beyond was the nation’s leading home goods retailer. Hard to imagine that in the age of Amazon and Wayfair. It all began when Warren Eisenberg and Leonard Feinstein opened a small linen shop called Bed ’n Bath in Springfield, New Jersey, in 1971. They transfor... By Dennis Scully

What you didn’t hear on the RH earnings call

market watch | April 4, 2018
Analysts and traders who follow RH, the company formerly known as Restoration Hardware, were given insights into the company’s performance in the fourth quarter on an earnings call last week. But while the call focused primarily on RH’s successes breaking into the hospitality business through it... By Dennis Scully

Williams Sonoma’s strong earnings fail to impress Wall Street

market watch | March 21, 2018
Williams Sonoma managed to surprise Wall Street last week by reporting stronger than expected sales results for the final quarter of 2017. CEO Laura Alber began last week’s quarterly conference call with analysts by delivering a rousing message of optimism and confidence in the company’s prospec... By Dennis Scully

Wayfair’s losses are mounting. Is there a takeover in its future?

market watch | February 28, 2018
On the morning of February 22, as Wayfair was preparing to release its fourth-quarter earnings report, shares of the company’s stock stood just a couple of points shy of their all-time closing high, which had been set just the week before. Traders were wagering that longstanding rumors of Way... By Dennis Scully

Houzz’s message to the design industry? We come in peace

market watch | February 14, 2018
Last week, as part of its ongoing effort to court the interior design industry, Houzz announced it had purchased the project management software company IvyMark for an estimated $30 to $40 million. On the surface, it seemed a relatively minor acquisition for a company that, just eight months ear... By Dennis Scully

As interest rates rise, home stocks get hit hard

market watch | February 7, 2018
Last week, shares of home stocks, including Restoration Hardware, Williams Sonoma and Ethan Allen, all fell, some by nearly 11 percent (compared to the 4 percent Dow Jones decline). In this week’s Market Watch column, Dennis Scully breaks down what this steep drop means for the home furnishings ... By Dennis Scully

Will building stores be spared from a retail apocalypse?

market watch | January 24, 2018
Over the past year as the Dow Jones Industrial Average has risen by over 30 percent, the prevailing wisdom on Wall Street has been to buy shares in the FANG stocks (an acronym for Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google) and avoid, at all costs, the so-called Retail Apocalypse stocks, like Macy’s, ... By Dennis Scully
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