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Summer 2018 | Issue 8

The international manufacturing scene is often shrouded in mystery. Who makes what, where—and why? In this issue, we explore how furnishings brands are traveling far and wide to harness regional strengths, namely talented artisans, vast natural resources and indigenous trades. We also take a closer look at China, where savvy interior designers are marketing their work to a vast population of affluent consumers eager for design expertise—and with a new set of customer expectations to meet.

BY Taylor Barker, Katy B. Olson, Kaitlin Petersen & Melissa Studach
Savvy interior designers marketing their work to China’s affluent consumers have discovered a vast population eager for design expertise—and a new set of customer expectations. What do designers need to know about doing business in the People’s Republic of China? (Spoiler alert: It’s probably not what you think.)
BY Kathryn O'Shea-Evans
Design Dispatch
The season’s newest showrooms and storefronts.
What are the pitfalls of taking on an international project? Top designers share tricks and tips on executing a stress-free job abroad. 
The next generation of LED offerings is inspiring enough that you’ll want to make the switch. Here’s what you need to know to spec the very best.
Peek behind the curtains as renowned New York–based designers Alexa Hampton and David Kleinberg face off on what it means for a window to be properly dressed. One thing they both agree on? It’s a window treatment or a curtain, but never—ever—drapes.

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