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Winter 2019 | Issue 10

The retail landscape is evolving rapidly, and the design trade has much to learn from it. In this issue, we sit down with RH chairman and CEO Gary Friedman to find out why, in his mind, the future of retail has never been brighter. We also explore how designers are being asked to transform the standard storefront into a special, memorable, and often Instagrammable experience—and how store design can help brands inspire shoppers to spend.

RH has solidified its dominant position in retail with immense new flagships, more than 2,500 pages of catalogs each year, and a winning hospitality strategy. BOH sits down with the company’s chairman and CEO, Gary Friedman, the maverick mastermind of the company’s reinvention, to talk about his propensity for flying in the face of conventional wisdom, building big—and how the future of retail has never been brighter.
BY Kaitlin Petersen
Designers are being asked to transform the standard storefront into a special, memorable, and often Instagrammable experience. Thinking about taking on a retail project of your own? We checked in with designers who have been there, done that, to weigh in on everything from product curation to sensory stimulation—and how to help brands inspire shoppers to spend.
BY Kathryn O'Shea-Evans
With so many customer touchpoints available today, developing consistent storytelling across many platforms—from bricks-and-mortar to print and digital—plays a key role in retail success. BOH talks to six brands about the nuances of navigating today’s omnichannel landscape.
BY Jessica Dailey
Design Dispatch
This summer, 1stdibs made a big announcement: The company that first took the antiques market online would be opening a massive (and decidedly offline) space on the far west side of Manhattan. The 44,000-square-foot gallery in the Terminal Stores, which opens its doors in February for trade customers and consumers alike, will house 50 booths and signals a serious commitment to physical retail.
industry insider
After the artist Donald Judd’s death in 1994, his children assumed responsibility for the Judd Foundation, established in the artist's will to preserve his artworks and the spaces where he had lived and worked in Manhattan and Marfa, Texas. Now, more than two decades later, they have created tools to help consumers rediscover Judd’s furniture too—still in production after all these years, and long one of the best-kept secrets of the design world.
Opening a brick-and-mortar is no easy feat. What’s good, bad and complicated about running your own store? And how do you measure its success? Get a look behind the counter at some of the industry’s top designers’ shops.
The design world’s newest “Warby Parkers” break down their journey from business idea to product launch. Here’s how they found their niche in the online direct-to-consumer landscape.
The Handbook
Everything you need to know about what’s new in the retail landscape.
We caught up with Charlie O’Donnell—the founder of Brooklyn Bridge Ventures and one of designer and entrepreneur Nicole Gibbons’s backers in her direct-to-consumer paint company, Clare—to find out what he wishes more founders knew about venture capital. 
We caught up with brand strategist Scott Galloway to find out what's next in the world of retail, from brands to watch to trends worth following.
Social media is a great way to gain momentum, but paying for amplification across so many social networks can be a complicated, expensive—and pointless, if your strategy isn’t sound. Enter digital guru Rachel Mack, the founder and CEO of Digital Matter, a digital marketing consultancy that empowers brands to drive sustainable growth through performance marketing.
A changing retail landscape means that furniture manufacturers are adjusting their strategies. BOH talks to Mitchell Gold about why in-store designers matter more than ever; Geoff Hawkes responds to customer demand for all things custom; and digitally-native furniture company The Inside bets on fast custom.

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