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Winter 2018 | Issue 6

The farm-to-table movement turned chefs into celebrities and encouraged us to find out who is making our food. So, too, is the modern maker movement putting artisans on the map and reigniting a passion for a deeper connection to the objects we bring into our homes. In this issue, we celebrate craft in an exploration of how and where artisans are carving out communities for themselves, and the unique challenges they face along the way.

Small-batch everything is having a moment. It’s happening in food, fashion—and home furnishings. Artisans in four places where craft is flourishing today share what it means to commit to making things the old-fashioned way. 
BY Mieke ten Have
With the advent of fast fashion, clothing became on-trend, affordable—and ultimately disposable. Now, a new breed of quick-ship ventures is using that same model to upend the furniture industry.
BY Jorge S. Arango
Manufacturing is slowing being re-shored to the United States. As production costs rise abroad, the allure of “Made in America” grows.
BY Katy B. Olson
Without new workers rising through the ranks, craft would be in crisis. Companies making handcrafted home furnishings are leading the way in shaping the next generation.
BY Kaitlin Petersen
The season’s newest showrooms and storefronts.
The new kid’s room is as unique, bright, and imaginative as the child it’s made for—a fitting upgrade for modern families.
Robert Stilin and Shawn Henderson (friends and office neighbors with studios down the hall from one another) duke it out on how to live with the art they love—layered, salon-style gallery walls or singular statement pieces.
BOH asked nine designers to tell us the story behind their favorite antique piece.
Professional-grade kitchen appliances are a #bfd at this year's bigger-than-ever Kitchen & Bath Industry show.

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