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What do profitable design firms have in common?

case study | June 27, 2019
Fuigo founder and BOH columnist Maury Riad spills the secrets of the most successful design firms, from strategies for staff timelines, client billing and impeccable contracts, to leveraging vendor relationships for maximum ROI. By Maury Riad

Old, meet new: What’s driving different models for multibrand retail success

case study | June 20, 2019
The world changes and paradigms shift—that’s an inevitable part of life. In her second column for BOH, designer and retail entrepreneur Michele Varian explores the strengths (and the challenges) of old and new ways of thinking about retail. By Michele Varian as told to Emily R Pellerin

The paradigm shift: A successful way forward for brick-and-mortar

case study | May 23, 2019
In her first column for BOH, designer and retail entrepreneur Michele Varian debunks what you think is impacting brick and mortar retail—and highlights what’s truly driving the radical changes retailers are seeing and feeling today. By Michele Varian as told to Emily R Pellerin

Why are designers leaving money on the table?

case study | May 16, 2019
Interior designers play a critical role in the home furnishings supply chain, but they aren’t leveraging their buying power. The result is a lot of opportunity squandered—and money left on the table. Maury Riad weighs in on how, with small changes to their business model, design professionals can revolutionize the industry. By Maury Riad

Dave Dawson on mentorship and community building for entrepreneurs

case study | January 3, 2019
One of the most important lessons I’ve learned thus far—in life, but particularly in business—is that it is OK to say, "I'm not sure.” In fact, it is one of the most powerful phrases in a leader’s vocabulary, and saying it aloud without fear or reservation is often the key to building a community that will support an entrepreneur in invaluable and unexpected ways. By Dave Dawson

5 tips for navigating design media today

case study | November 15, 2018
With the wave of recent changes at major publishing houses, the shift in print editorial coverage and the rise of Instagram, the world I started my PR career in looks nothing like the one I work in today. So how do we reconcile with what we have in front of us, and where do we go from here? By Laura Bindloss

How to compete with giant retailers

case study | October 30, 2018
Big, well-known companies have many major advantages over smaller businesses, including resources and scale that can be hard to compete against. Chicago-based Jayson Home founder Jay Goltz discusses how that same scale can also be a disadvantage for big brands, and how small retailers can leverage their strengths to compete with large national chains. By Jay Goltz
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