Case Study

Dave Dawson on mentorship and community building for entrepreneurs

case study | January 3, 2019
One of the most important lessons I’ve learned thus far—in life, but particularly in business—is that it is OK to say, "I'm not sure.” In fact, it is one of the most powerful phrases in a leader’s vocabulary, and saying it aloud without fear or reservation is often the key to building a community that will support an entrepreneur in invaluable and unexpected ways. By Dave Dawson

5 tips for navigating design media today

case study | November 15, 2018
With the wave of recent changes at major publishing houses, the shift in print editorial coverage and the rise of Instagram, the world I started my PR career in looks nothing like the one I work in today. So how do we reconcile with what we have in front of us, and where do we go from here? By Laura Bindloss

How to compete with giant retailers

case study | October 30, 2018
Big, well-known companies have many major advantages over smaller businesses, including resources and scale that can be hard to compete against. Chicago-based Jayson Home founder Jay Goltz discusses how that same scale can also be a disadvantage for big brands, and how small retailers can leverage their strengths to compete with large national chains. By Jay Goltz

Hiring, nurturing and keeping creative people

case study | August 24, 2018
Jay Goltz is an author, former small business columnist and founder of The Goltz Group—which includes Artists Frame Service, the largest frame shop in America; Jayson Home, the furniture and accessories store; Chicago Art Source, a gallery and corporate art business; and Bella Mouldi... By Jay Goltz

Weighing the benefits of a pop-up vs. a permanent showroom

case study | July 24, 2018
Jay Goltz, author and former small business columnist, founded Jayson Home in 1997 after his early business, a picture framing company, grew into the largest in the country. In his first column in a three-part “Case Studies” series for Business of Home, he delves into the pros and co... By Jay Goltz

Case Study: Dave Dawson on company culture

case study | June 8, 2018
Like a lot of American craft companies, we are a people-centric business—not just because payroll is by far our largest expense and investment—but also because our success and sustainability relies almost exclusively on the passion and creativity of our team. Our care for this strategic resource is mission-critical. By Dave Dawson

PR strategy and tactics have evolved. Are you up to date?

case study | May 9, 2018
De Gournay, Uhuru, Coco-Mat, Sasha Bikoff and Resource Decor are among the clients of Laura Bindloss, who founded Nylon Consulting in 2012 as a luxury home and lifestyle PR company for designers and brands throughout the U.S. and U.K. In the first of her series of “Master Classes” for Business o... By Laura Bindloss

Case Study: Dave Dawson on product development

case study | April 13, 2018
My wife and I started our lighting company in a tiny workshop in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. As a former attorney without previous design or manufacturing experience, I had almost no idea what I was doing and, perhaps worse,  I had no idea what I wasn’t doing. Fifteen years later, I've learned a lot of lessons—most of them the hard way, whether through trial and error or just plain failure.   By Dave Dawson