Jessica Dailey
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industry insider
January 23, 2020
Jonathan Adler teamed up with quartz brand Caesarstone to create Dreamland, a flamboyant, immersive installation that just debuted at Toronto’s Interior Design Show. BOH chatted with Adler about the inspiration behind the space, his Instagram philosophy, and upcoming projects.
real estate
November 6, 2019
Increasingly, entrepreneurial designers are turning to real estate in order to bring all the aspects of their business together in a cohesive package—and sell it, of course.
weekly feature
September 18, 2019
A rising number of companies in the home industry are publishing branded magazines as an authentic marketing move. BOH consulted with some of the brands producing these glossies to find out what drives their strategy.
industry insider
August 19, 2019
By their nature, sample sales are exclusive: They happen infrequently, for a short period of time, and offer one-of-a-kind products that won’t be available ever again. For consumers, they’re a way to have access to brands that they otherwise wouldn’t, and for the trade, they offer deeper discounts. For the brands that host them, they’re a key part of running a successful design business. Here, two brands—Stark and Remains Lighting—share their sample-sale strategies.
August 9, 2019
Sprawling, net-zero spaces leverage creative new technologies and methodologies—proof, once and for all, that sustainability comes in all sizes.
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