supply chain
February 15, 2022
A weeklong protest that saw Canadian truckers blocking the U.S.–Canada border is just one of the major factors keeping the supply chain from returning to normal.
trade shows
December 3, 2021
The international fabric fair has been called off in light of a COVID surge in Germany. Are other European events next?
weekly feature
June 9, 2021
The pandemic has accelerated vital shifts across culture and business—including the design industry’s traditional approach to trade shows. BOH checked in with designers and market leaders who are spearheading a new approach to industry events.
industry insider
March 23, 2021
In 2014, the decline in retail led North Carolina ceramics brand Haand to pivot to hospitality. In 2020, the company was forced to change course again. Founders Chris Pence and Mark Warren explain how COVID revived their D2C strategy.
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