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Looking for a side hustle? We decode 7 on-demand design services

digital disruptors | June 19, 2019
Ten years ago, “online design” meant sending a client an email with a few inspiration photos attached. Now, it’s a booming business, with a thriving ecosystem of competing platforms. We’ve asked seven of the leading companies to peel back the curtain and tell us how they work. We'll let designers make up their own minds. By Fred Nicolaus & Haley Chouinard

Material Bank tests brick and mortar concept in Chicago

digital disruptors | June 14, 2019
This week, Material Bank opened its first lab in a marquis spot at the Mart in Chicago. The brand’s creator, Adam Sandow, tells BOH how the disruptive digital memo-sampling platform aims to solve designer pain. points without killing reps’ sales. By Kaitlin Petersen

Poshmark is breaking into home

digital disruptors | June 11, 2019
The $582 billion home decor industry has a new admirer. Poshmark, the digital peer-to-peer style marketplace, has expanded into decorative territory with launch of Home, a new category unveiled today. By Arianne Nardo

Sweeten grabs the SPF and heads west

california | June 5, 2019
Sweeten, a digital platform that matches people with vetted general contractors, is launching in Los Angeles. Founder and CEO Jean Brownhill tells BOH about the data-driven West Coast expansion strategy. By Arianne Nardo

Can Wescover become Shazam for furniture?

digital disruptors | June 4, 2019
Tapping into a desire to source product from unlikely places, Wescover is using its $3 million in seed funding to expand its catalogue of 50,000 products. By Haley Chouinard

Is virtual reality the end of the physical showroom?

digital disruptors | May 30, 2019
With augmented and virtual reality technology rapidly evolving, furniture retailers are tapping the tech to decrease both product returns and showroom square footage. By Haley Chouinard

Is rental furniture the next big thing?

digital disruptors | May 28, 2019
We live in a world where if you want something, you can rent it, often at the click of a button. So why not furniture? Two subscription platforms, Feather and Fernish, are aiming to make furniture rental work for millennials. By Jessica Dailey

May the best design management software win

digital disruptors | May 21, 2019
The design industry has a new arms race: project management software. To the outside world, it is record-keeping with the sex appeal of the tax code. But for design professionals, it’s the administrative lifeblood of any operation that’s graduated from Excel and earnest prayer. On the heels of Ivy's announcement today of a new feature that converts mood boards into purchasing orders, here’s how project management platforms Ivy, Design Manager (now powered by 1stdibs), Studio Design and Fuigo are evolving to fit interior designers’ constantly changing digital admin needs. By Arianne Nardo

Why are designers leaving money on the table?

case study | May 16, 2019
Interior designers play a critical role in the home furnishings supply chain, but they aren’t leveraging their buying power. The result is a lot of opportunity squandered—and money left on the table. Maury Riad weighs in on how, with small changes to their business model, design professionals can revolutionize the industry. By Maury Riad
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