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digital disruptors
January 6, 2020
After taking work on several e-design platforms and seeing her returns steadily diminish, Jenna Gaidusek founded a suite of tools to help remote designers get discovered, run their own businesses, and—crucially—charge more for their services.
industry insider
September 16, 2019
After a failed search for a white-knight investor, last week Homepolish CEO Noa Santos told his remaining designers that the company will shut down operations—without paying them. In the aftermath of the collapse, designers are reeling.
weekly feature
August 20, 2019
By outward appearances, it’s business as usual at Homepolish. Behind the scenes, the company is in the thick of a tumultuous period: Since late June, the majority of employees have been on unpaid leave, the company has vacated its 12,000-square-foot office, and business is being slow-walked. We talked to founder and CEO Noa Santos, as well as former and current employees, to find out what went wrong—and what’s next.
digital disruptors
June 19, 2019
Ten years ago, “online design” meant sending a client an email with a few inspiration photos attached. Now, it’s a booming business, with a thriving ecosystem of competing platforms. We’ve asked seven of the leading companies to peel back the curtain and tell us how they work. We'll let designers make up their own minds.
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