Digital Disruptors

Will the same technology that powers Bitcoin disrupt design?

technology | July 19, 2019
Online art marketplace Alpha’a has attached a file to each of its works that allows artists to track ownership changes, pricing and other details on the value of their art. Soon, Alpha’a execs say, the technology could be used in related industries, like design. By Robyn Smith

What’s the future of Hutch? Gaming

digital disruptors | July 18, 2019
Fresh off a $10 million investment from Zillow, interior design app Hutch pivoted from e-commerce to mobile gaming. Co-founder Beatrice Fischel-Bock tells BOH the story behind the brand’s new strategy. By Jessica Dailey

How Revival Rugs is disrupting the handmade rugs category

digital disruptors | July 11, 2019
Direct-to-consumer brand Revival Rugs started by selling one-of-a-kind pieces sourced in Turkey, but demand has prompted the company to find ways to grow. Later this month, they’ll debut their first private-label offering, the Panel collection. By Sarah Fielding

Passing the baton: Interior Define’s founder and new CEO on the next chapter

weekly feature | July 3, 2019
After six years at the helm, Interior Define founder Rob Royer moves into a new role as chairman of the board. BOH caught up with Royer and his brand’s new CEO, Bonobos and ModCloth alum Anthony Nieves—to discuss the company’s growth, brand-building around a strong value proposition, and knowing when the time is right for a big move. By Kaitlin Petersen

This furniture startup is opening showrooms in its customers' backyards

digital disruptors | July 1, 2019
Outer, a new direct-to-consumer outdoor furnishings company, wants to bring the sharing economy into your backyard. Here’s how the Santa Monica–based digital startup is pioneering a new kind of authentic consumer marketing by enlisting—and paying—customers to turn their outdoor spaces into showrooms. By Arianne Nardo

Looking for a side hustle? We decode 7 on-demand design services

digital disruptors | June 19, 2019
Ten years ago, “online design” meant sending a client an email with a few inspiration photos attached. Now, it’s a booming business, with a thriving ecosystem of competing platforms. We’ve asked seven of the leading companies to peel back the curtain and tell us how they work. We'll let designers make up their own minds. By Fred Nicolaus & Haley Chouinard

Material Bank tests brick and mortar concept in Chicago

digital disruptors | June 14, 2019
This week, Material Bank opened its first lab in a marquis spot at the Mart in Chicago. The brand’s creator, Adam Sandow, tells BOH how the disruptive digital memo-sampling platform aims to solve designer pain. points without killing reps’ sales. By Kaitlin Petersen

Poshmark is breaking into home

digital disruptors | June 11, 2019
The $582 billion home decor industry has a new admirer. Poshmark, the digital peer-to-peer style marketplace, has expanded into decorative territory with launch of Home, a new category unveiled today. By Arianne Nardo
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