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This ceramics collection was born in Bali

A new stoneware and ceramics line, handcrafted in Bali, Indonesia, debuts from Maximilian Eicke, spanning some 19 pieces, including dinnerware, flatware, vases and candleholders. The line, called Yahochu ("I want," in Russian slang) debuted last month at Brad Ford’s FAIR outpost at the New York Design Center.

Max ID NY Ceramics Collection's Yahochu Dinner Set; courtesy Max ID NY
Max ID NY Ceramics Collection's Yahochu Dinner Set; courtesy Max ID NY

The line of handmade porcelain and stoneware home goods was created in collaboration with Gaya Ceramics, a noted ceramics manufacturer based in Bali. Three years in the making, it's the first in a larger collaboration to come with Gaya Ceramics that will include architecture, custom furniture and lighting collection.

Eicke shares with BOH:

Walk us through the creation of the collection.
The collection came out of an urge to fulfill a challenge while embarking on the development project I am working on in Bali. The objective was to successfully design every object inside the compound, including all the buildings themselves, very much inspired by the way Frank Lloyd Wright used to control every aspect of his projects.

Having started the project about three years ago, the concept for the collection had been in development since then, but it wasn’t until fall 2017 that I finally connected with a manufacturer in Bali that I felt could bring the product to life with the materials, style and quality that I required. Almost a year later, the collection is ready to launch with 28 individual designs.

How did you first connect with Brad Ford?
I connected with Brad Ford through supporters of mine in the industry who felt we would be a good fit, but honestly it would have not been much longer until we met, as I became aware of the incredible Field + Supply fair he does and became interested in reaching out.

What are some other pieces or artisans you love at FAIR?
He has an incredible discerning eye for designs that especially becomes noticeable in the way they are curated in his showroom. There are two standouts I really admired while I was exhibiting in his showroom and they have to be the square coffee table by Patrick Weder, in addition to Michele Quan, a fantastic ceramic artist who created beautiful hanging wall pieces for Brad that played a lovely backdrop to my collection and inspired me to want to produce bigger-scale installations as well, as this collection is only my first foray into the wonderful world of ceramics.

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