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Ryan Korban takes the suburbs

industry insider | May 23, 2019
Ryan Korban is currently in the process of attempting a complicated metamorphosis: from designer to brand. By Fred Nicolaus

Why Tabarka’s artisan-first model makes more sense than ever

california | May 23, 2019
Some creative businesses are so niche, the fact they haven’t been pushed into extinction by quick-ship behemoths is reason enough to celebrate. Artisan surfaces company Tabarka Studio has not only survived, it has flourished despite the wider move toward automation, volume and lower price points. How? By Arianne Nardo

Kravet invests in promising students before their careers begin

industry insider | May 20, 2019
Beth Greene had a vision when she helped start Kravet’s Design Grad Program, spearheading what would become one of the New York–based company’s most important initiatives. Investing in emerging talents before they enter the field, teaching them the ins and outs of shopping at a to-the-trade resource is one surefire way to cement an early bond and become the go-to resource for the designers of tomorrow. By Robyn Smith

An imperfect union: What went wrong at Robert Allen Duralee—and what’s to come?

weekly feature | May 15, 2019
On May 2, RADG was saved from liquidation by Tennessee–based real estate developer Brant Enderle, who purchased the failing company for $19 million. On the same day, Enderle issued a round of layoffs, letting go of a reported 36 employees, including the entire executive leadership team. BOH analyzes how the brand got here and where it’s headed next. By Kaitlin Petersen

Why these designers would rather donate their time than money

industry insider | May 15, 2019
The industry is full of charities and nonprofits that seek to give back—even the industry’s marquee events, showhouses, are fundamentally charitable institutions. But while many design charities are built on the attention economy model (designers do their thing, people pay to come see it, the money goes to good), a growing number are taking a more hands-on approach. By Fred Nicolaus

Can an ad-free approach make design blogs cool again?

industry insider | May 13, 2019
Lucy Loneragan, founder of Mavens of Design, has launched an original design photography and shopping blog that gives readers a peek inside the homes of stylish people—minus the sponcon, subscription fees or clickbait. By Arianne Nardo

Clinton Smith to take the helm at New England Home

weekly feature | May 8, 2019
This summer, former Veranda editor in chief Clinton Smith will take the reins at Esteem Media’s New England Home. The Dallas native tells BOH about his plans for the bimonthly shelter magazine, and the passion project he developed during his time off. By Kaitlin Petersen

Designers tell all about what a TV show really entails

industry insider | May 8, 2019
From Bobby Berk on Queer Eye to Chip and Joanna Gaines on Fixer Upper, appearing on a television show has clear star-making potential for designers. However, TV stardom doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s not as simple as it looks. Three designers who’ve already seen and done it all reveal everything they wish they had known before taking the plunge. By Nikhita Mahtani
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