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Double vision: High Point Market’s hottest collaborations this season

Don’t miss these seven first-time collaborators making their debut at High Point Market—part of BOH’s Designer’s Guide to High Point Market.

Indigo Road by Egypt Sherrod x East at Main

East at Main joined forces with interior designer and HGTV star Egypt Sherrod’s new brand, Indigo Road, for a globally inspired collection consisting of more than 80 accent furniture and decor products. Accessibility and sustainability were two priorities for Sherrod when bringing the collection to life—and true to her word, the selection of pieces is priced affordably and incorporates earth-friendly materials like mango wood, which is featured in the Chiara cabinet and the Ring coffee table. “No matter my client’s design aesthetic, everyone wants their home to feel warm and comfortable,” says Sherrod. “Our mission is to show that both comfort and luxury can coexist.” (Jeffan International, IHFC, D-536)

Left: Indigo Road by Egypt Sherrod x East at Main Courtesy of East at Main | Right: Denise McGaha x Vervain Courtesy of Vervain


When Vervain called upon Denise McGaha to create a collection in her signature style, the Dallas designer delivered—crafting an assortment of patterns that harken back to the easiest days of her childhood in a small town in Texas. The resulting array of fabrics and wallcoverings pairs soft geometric motifs with natural imagery (like McGaha’s grandmother’s blackberry vines, found in the Berrymore pattern), and features a mix of colorful prints, embroidered accents, plaids, velvets and textured pieces. “I designed the collection while spending time at our ranch outside of Dallas during the pandemic,” says McGaha. “Days spent wandering the pastures and woods, while caring for our cattle and other livestock, brought loads of inspiration.” (Fabricut, Market Square, Suite 217)

Paola Navone x Baker Furniture

Together with Baker Furniture, Italian architect and designer Paola Navone and her multidisciplinary studio Otto have debuted a 24-piece collection that spans a variety of tables, sofas, lounge chairs and lighting. To design the assortment, Navone channeled regional inspiration, not only in the materials—cast bronze, acrylic, Murano glass and Carrara marble—but also in name, dedicating each piece to a noteworthy Italian attraction. (The Trevi cocktail table, for example, features a corrugated glass surface inspired by its namesake fountain.) “The pieces reflect our passion for craftsmanship and our taste for simple shapes inspired by the understated elegance of the Mediterranean lifestyle,” says Navone. “And that touch of ‘divertissement’—of fun and irony that makes everything a bit surprising—is never missing in our designs.” (319 N. Hamilton St.)

Left: Paola Navone x Baker Furniture Courtesy of Baker Furniture | Right: Kate Marker x Leftbank Art Courtesy of Leftbank Art

Kate Marker x Leftbank Art

An artist at heart, designer Kate Marker is taking the next step in her creative journey: With the help of Southern California art source Leftbank Art, she has introduced a selection of artworks drawn from her own interior sensibilities. A key focus was incorporating a range of materials (including burlap, paint, plaster and textural papers) to make for more stimulating surroundings. “Textures add both visual and tactile comfort, character and warmth. Patterns can bring in playfulness, intrigue and sophistication—they light up both the mathematical and artsy sides of our brains at once, which makes us feel a little more engaged and alive to our surroundings,” says Marker. “When well-placed and working together, combinations of pattern and texture are what make our spaces feel complete and full in the best ways.” In her own design practice, artwork finds a home not just in traditional areas like living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and offices, but also in unexpected spaces like nooks, mudrooms, foyers and bathrooms. With her debut collection, she’s hoping other designers embrace opportunities for art in every area of the home. (IHFC, H-304)

Caitlin Wilson x Cooper Classics

Interiors and textile designer Caitlin Wilson partnered with Cooper Classics for her first foray into the world of mirrors. Jumping into the new medium, she sought to bring some of the aesthetic qualities that inform her existing designs, which span pillows, fabrics, rugs, wallpaper and furniture. “My goal was to create romantic, feminine mirror designs that still felt sophisticated,” says Wilson. The finished product is right at home with her oeuvre, with bows, scallops, fluting and beaded details that balance sweetness with traditional influences. “Incorporating those bow ribbon accents on the Clarence and Beaumont wall mirrors adds a touch of Regency-era refinement, while the sweet scallop detailing on the Gigi and Cherie mirrors are a darling complement to a nursery or kids room,” says Wilson. (IHFC, D-519)

Left: Caitlin Wilson x Cooper Classics Courtesy of Cooper Classics | Right: Cheryl Luckett x Revolution Fabrics Courtesy of Revolution Fabrics

Cheryl Luckett x Revolution Fabrics

Cheryl Luckett and Revolution Fabrics go way back. When the brand launched its performance fabrics line several years ago, the Charlotte-based designer started sourcing from the collection and sharing snaps online—which landed her a brand ambassadorship with the company in 2019. Joining forces to create a collection was a no-brainer for the duo (making things even easier, Luckett lives just a short drive from Revolution’s headquarters). Luckett’s aim was to introduce a livelier side to the performance fabrics category, rolling out 12 prints and more than 60 SKUs that draw influence from a diverse array of sources—animal prints, Afrobeats–inspired earthy hues and design motifs that nod to the designer’s Mississippi roots. “I was looking to create fabrics with durability, cleanability and green properties, but that have a bit more style,” says Luckett. “Why can’t that ottoman, those dining chairs, the bar stools—the sofa, even—be a fun print, and still be performance?” Now, thanks to Luckett, they can. (312 S. Hamilton St., Suite 303)

Double vision: High Point Market’s hottest collaborations this season
The Met x EichholtzCourtesy of Eichholtz

The Met x Eichholtz

Strolling the hallowed halls of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Eichholtz chief creative officer Edwin van der Gun embarked on a mission to translate the centuries of art housed in the building into something entirely new. The product of those efforts is a 90-piece range of furniture, lighting and decorative accessories created in collaboration with the renowned institution, set to debut this fall. “We have immersed ourselves in the galleries of the museum to select iconic works of art, alongside more subtle details of historic design, that will inform our artistic approach to this unique collection,” says van der Gun. “As lovers of art and design, this has been an unparalleled opportunity to explore The Met as an archive of historic design.” (129 S. Hamilton St.)

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