Auctions | Oct 4, 2016 |
Designers build seats to fight homelessness
Boh staff

This Saturday, October 8, Illumination Foundation will host Art of Design: Create a Seat to End Homelessness, in Newport Beach, California. The event will feature an auction of chairs created by Orange County designers, including Audra Interiors, Dejager Design, Famosa—The Surface Studio, K Smith Interiors, Rejoy Interiors, Steve Alt Design Group, Transitions Designs, Turcotte Interiors and Willetts Design. All proceeds from the evening will benefit Illumination Foundation, which offers targeted, interdisciplinary services to the most vulnerable homeless populations in the region.

Participating designer Dorothy Willetts of Willetts Design shares: “When [event sponsor] Luxe magazine approached me about designing a seat...I was thrilled to have the chance to participate in something that would benefit the Illumination Foundation. I saw this as an opportunity to design a furniture piece without the conventional restrictions you usually have to be conscious of. I believe that when children’s basic needs are met, and only when they are not hungry or scared, when they feel safe, that is when you can really see them blossoming into the joyful, creative beings they are meant to be.”

Willetts designed a butterfly-inspired chair. “A butterfly in its metamorphosis, from the caterpillar into the butterfly, is a transformation that reminds me of the magic a child has when they are given the opportunity to grow,” she told EAL. 

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