Haley Chouinard

How far would you go for a client?

trade tales | July 19, 2019
We asked four designers—Caleb Anderson, Saudah Saleem, Rasheeda Gray and Dominique Calhoun—how they set boundaries and the greatest lengths they’ve gone to for a client. By Haley Chouinard

Two students go around the design world in 40 days

industry insider | July 18, 2019
Architecture students Nino Chambers and Claire Lin took the idea of extracurricular experience to a new level this summer, visiting 30 design companies in eight cities over five weeks as part of the fourth-annual Be Original Americas Student Design Fellowship. By Haley Chouinard

Corey Damen Jenkins on what he learned from knocking on 779 doors

show & tell | July 16, 2019
Ahead of his keynote at the Black Interior Designers Network conference, Corey Damen Jenkins shares how his humble beginnings led to national recognition, and how to keep moving the needle forward for people of color in design. By Haley Chouinard

Gil Walsh on how to recession-proof your business

industry insider | July 15, 2019
West Palm Beach–based designer Gil Walsh takes pride in running a solid business, not just offering good design. She shares with BOH why hiring consultants each year, hosting a "visioning day" with her team, and investing in advertising and marketing are essential to her business's longevity. By Haley Chouinard

Vicente Wolf reflects on 45 years in the industry

podcast | July 15, 2019
After fleeing Cuba with his family as a child, Vicente Wolf had anything but a traditional path to building a 45-year run as a designer. On the latest episode of the Business of Home podcast, Wolf reflects on his unconventional journey, the role of design media in his career, and why he’s not retiring anytime soon. By Haley Chouinard

Is talking politics with a client a no-no?

trade tales | July 12, 2019
Given the country’s divisive political climate, we asked two designers—Leta Austin Foster and Patrick J. Hamilton—how they feel about talking politics with clients. By Haley Chouinard

Out of office: Keeping clients happy while you’re away

trade tales | July 5, 2019
We spoke with six designers—Betsy Burnham, Nancy Charbonneau, Justin Q. Williams, Julie Massucco Kleiner, Melissa Warner Rothblum and Eneia White—about how they keep their clients happy (and at bay) while on vacation. By Haley Chouinard
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