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Want a better business? 6 designers share the move that changed everything

Sometimes, a single strategic adjustment can change everything. That was the case for these six designers, who can each identify one fundamental shift—whether in mindset, marketing or management—that helped spark a new level of success for their firms.

» The Confidence Builder
When Los Angeles designer Natasha Baradaran began her career, she thought versatility was the greatest achievement. But when she summoned the confidence to embrace—and commit to—her own point of view, her business catapulted forward.

» The Solo Seeker
For Chicago-based designer Bruce Fox, leaving a junior partnership at another firm six years ago was the move that changed everything. Stepping into the spotlight and putting his name—and his name only—on the door unlocked a new level of creative freedom, personal fulfillment and business success.

» The Art Connoisseur
Finding connection (and guidance) through creative community helped Houston-based Chandos Dodson Epley break out of a business rut. By rebranding her firm as a premier destination for art sourcing, she began to grow and thrive at a whole new level.

» The Design Therapist
In 2005, Matthew Boland’s gut told him to leave his job at a design firm so he could launch his own studio in Scottsdale, Arizona. Since then, he’s ditched a number of traditional business methods, opting for a more fluid, flexible approach that allows him to go deep with his far-flung clients, get more done and build a nimble, do-it-all team.

» The Sanctuary Builder
A series of personal crises prompted Naples, Florida–based Lisa Kahn to rethink the meaning of her work, prompting a spiritual epiphany that helped turn the tide. By harnessing the power of gratitude and nature to create spaces that promote inner and outer peace, Kahn found abundance in both business and life.

» The Positive Thinker
After stints in customer service and retail, New York–based designer Rayman Boozer found his creative calling in interiors. Once he reframed his perspective to see opportunities instead of obstacles, he saw big-time results—including a magazine feature that jump-started his career.

Homepage image: A project with sweeping city views by Bruce Fox marries architectural inspiration with soft, inviting textures | Kendall McCaugherty ©Hall+Merrick Photographers

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