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You just finished a gorgeous project. Now what?

A happy client. The perfect images for your portfolio. A feature in a magazine. Photos that ricochet around Instagram and Pinterest, garnering a flurry of likes. The phone ringing off the hook from amazing would-be clients who want the same magical experience with your firm. That’s the dream, right?

From the photographer you hire to the stylist you bring in to make those photos sparkle, the way you document your work and share it with the world has the potential to capture the imagination of the next, even greater client. (And yes, we’ll explain why a stylist should be nonnegotiable.) It’s not only how you set up each shot—what you do with those photos matters too, from where you pitch them to how they help you tell the story of your firm and the transformative power of your design.

Good work begets more work—that, we know, is true. But it doesn’t hurt to help things along a little. As a job winds down, it's the perfect time to lay the groundwork for future projects. In addition to documenting a job well done, that also means taking extra-special care of your clients and leaving them with a feel-good impression that primes them to share your name with everyone they know (and call you again). For example, instead of kicking them out during your install days, send them to a spa. Or dazzle them with a custom cocktail as they walk in the door for the first time—a final reminder that you’ve been listening to their likes and dislikes all along. Better yet, change the way you charge so that when you leave the job, you’re not only handing over a completely reimagined home, but also a check. (We’re not kidding.) In this issue, designers share some of the most thoughtful ways to say goodbye—which hopefully means you’re only saying, “Goodbye for now.”

Homepage image: A color palette of red, white and blue pairs perfectly with marble and wood finishes in a kitchen by Tom Stringer. | Courtesy of Tom Stringer

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