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What trends do you want to see stay or go in 2024?

With the year coming to an end, we decided to find out which design trends are so 2023 and which have a bright future. Eight designers—Courtney Brannan, Nancy Evars, Erin Fetherston, Susanne Lichten Csongor, Nina Magon, Sara Malek Barney, Kerri Pilchik and Sarah Tract—weigh in.

What trends do you want to see stay or go in 2024?
Nina MagonCourtesy of Nina Magon

Character Study
“I am excited for the growing emphasis on bold and daring design elements to continue into 2024. My aesthetic has always been edgy and infused with a sense of timeless modernity, using bold colors and elements to create luxurious spaces. It’s encouraging to witness a broader appreciation for such designs in the industry. I hope this trend continues to evolve, allowing for even more creative exploration and pushing the boundaries of traditional design. On the other hand, one trend that I hope stays behind in 2023 is the overreliance on overly minimalistic and sterile designs. While I appreciate the elegance of simplicity, an excessive focus on minimalism can sometimes lead to spaces lacking character and warmth. I believe that a well-balanced design incorporates elements that excite the senses and tell a story. So, moving forward, I hope to see a shift toward more dynamic and expressive design choices, leaving behind the austere and clinical approaches that dominated the previous year.” Nina Magon, Nina Magon Studio, Houston.

What trends do you want to see stay or go in 2024?
Susanne Lichten CsongorCourtesy of Susanne Lichten Csongor

Classic Beauty
“Out: faux-barn-board feature walls and poorly applied moldings. Let’s leave imposter materials and DIY accents firmly planted in 2023! In: Beautifully appointed architectural millwork. I would love to see more coffered ceilings, recessed paneling and delicate fenestrations. These elements of classical millwork set a sturdy foundation for interiors with integrity. I believe if you select inherently beautiful materials and accentuate them in a subtle way, your room will shine with a timeless radiance that avoids the pitfalls of passing fads.” —Susanne Lichten Csongor, SLC Interiors, Boston

What trends do you want to see stay or go in 2024?
Erin FetherstonCourtesy of Erin Fetherston

Saturated Shades
“I loved seeing the emergence of richer hues and darker colors like browns, burgundies and earthy gem tones, and I think this trend will continue. I see an emerging emphasis on creative individualized environments that have unique stories behind them. I think cookie-cutter trends like modern farmhouses are waning.” —Erin Fetherston, Los Angeles.

What trends do you want to see stay or go in 2024?
Sarah TractCourtesy of Sarah Tract

Bye-Bye Beige
“I love the curved edges trend. Rounded, curved, beveled, eased—I absolutely love soft edges to lines and hope to continue to see this trend in 2024. I am ready to say goodbye to all-beige homes. I think it’s time to welcome more color and richer tones!” —Sarah Tract, Sarah Tract Interiors, New York

What trends do you want to see stay or go in 2024?
Kerri PilchikCourtesy of Kerri Pilchik

The Past Is Present
“This year, I have seen a resurgence of brown furniture as antiques and heirlooms become more prevalent. I’m even seeing a lot of reproductions. I’m not sure if you can call this a trend, as brown furniture has been around for ages, but I hope to see more brown furniture next year and beyond! I think that people want both a connection to their past and a way to be environmentally conscious. Another trend that I love and have seen a lot this past year is painted floors in homes, from city to beach to country. They are not only beautiful and so custom, but can hide a host of issues. I know that I will be painting at least a couple of floors next year. One trend that I hope stays behind is terrazzo. I know a lot of designers love to use it, and it can look very chic in the right space. However, I am not a fan, as I think it is too specific and feels a little cold. For next year, I think it’s all about warmth.” —Kerri Pilchik, Kerri Pilchik Design, Ridgewood, New Jersey

What trends do you want to see stay or go in 2024?
Courtney BrannanCourtesy of Courtney Brannan

Stay Fresh
“People are looking to have more fun with colors and textures, experimenting tastefully with bright and bold design rather than sticking to the neutral, muted palettes that have dominated modern design in recent years. Infusing spaces with a playful attitude and moving away from predictable color palettes brings a youthfulness and freshness with the power to attract new audiences to a project. I hope predictability will be phased out! I appreciate when a brand and designer do the unexpected and show an evolution in their style. This is what allows design to have personality, a story and a sense of engagement.” —Courtney Brannan, Champalimaud Design, New York

What trends do you want to see stay or go in 2024?
Nancy EvarsCourtesy of Nancy Evars

Walls of Wonder
“In 2023, we saw wallpapers being sourced like never before. More and more homeowners are becoming more comfortable covering the walls in multiple rooms, as opposed to just in one space, like a powder room. We also saw more textile and wallpaper lines offering matching wallpaper and fabric, which I love! I hope to see more of this in 2024, and to leave all-white walls behind!” Nancy Evars, Evars Collective, San Carlos, California

What trends do you want to see stay or go in 2024?
Sara Malek BarneyCourtesy of Sara Malek Barney

A Nice Touch
“The rapidly growing trend of layered texture paired with a roaring organic modern movement will stay strong into 2024. People’s need for tactile touch and the visual stimulation of multiple textures and patterns in a space will continue to grow in popularity. Also, the resurgence of wallpaper will continue to gain momentum into the new year as people grow less fearful of commitment to a fun wall display.” —Sara Malek Barney, Bandd Design, Austin, Texas

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