trade tales

The last straw: When to let an employee go

trade tales | June 7, 2019
We asked six designers—Vicente Wolf, Janie Molster, Eve Robinson, Tavia Forbes, Monet Masters, and Richard Rabel—how they know when it’s time to let someone go. By Haley Chouinard

Thanks, Mom! 7 designers share their best advice

trade tales | May 10, 2019
In honor of Mother’s Day, designers Sheila Bridges, Darryl Carter, Lauren Clement, Jess Blumberg, Susan Petrie, Chad Graci, and Brooks Davis share their mom’s top wisdom with Business of Home. By Robyn Smith

Life lessons designers gleaned from their clients

trade tales | May 3, 2019
Sometimes the student becomes the teacher, even in the design world. We asked three pros—Lindsey Lane, Sabine Hayes and Emilie Munroe—to share the best lesson they ever learned from a client. By Haley Chouinard

When to walk away from a new client

trade tales | April 25, 2019
Turning down new work is a tough decision, but sometimes the client just isn’t worth the effort. We asked two designers and an architect—J.P Horton, Stephanie Sabbe and Geoff Chick—how they know when to walk away. By Haley Chouinard

Ghosted by a vendor—now what?

trade tales | April 19, 2019
We asked three designers—Jennifer Glickman, Shaun Smith, and Mindy Day—how they’ve handled being ghosted by vendors and what tactics they use to avoid ending up in the situation again. By Haley Chouinard

Trade organizations: Take them or leave them?

trade tales | April 12, 2019
Thanks to social media, it’s never been easier to create a sense of community and relationships with other designers in the industry. So, with all that at your fingertips, where does membership to a trade organization fit in? We asked four designers—Jean Liu, Heather Hilliard, Michael Adams, and Goli Karimi—to share why they have or haven’t opted to join a trade organization, and what advice they have for younger designers searching for community. By Haley Chouinard
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