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Target to launch new modern home brand
Boh staff

Over a dozen new brands are launching at Target over the next two years, replacing others in the process. Frontrunners include decor brand Project 62, which the retailer calls "a thoughtfully designed modern home brand featuring approachable pieces for everyday life," as well as three new apparel brands, all debuting this coming fall.

Mark Tritton
Mark Tritton; courtesy Target

"One new brand on its own isn’t going to change the way guests experience Target, though we definitely believe each of our exclusive brands will leave its mark. Big picture, it’s when you take all these new brands, combined with how we’re reimagining stores, continuing to enhance digital and investing in our business to meet guests’ changing needs that you start to feel a real difference," Mark Tritton, Target's executive vice president and chief merchandising officer told the brand's Bullseye Blog.

"Taken together, these changes will create an experience—a new, fresh interpretation of the Tar-zhay that we know our guests love—that ultimately will drive preference and bring real, affordable joy to our guests’ everyday moments." The retailer created the debuting brands following "the most extensive guest research" it had ever done, explains Tritton.

"As we’ve been creating these new brands, we’re thinking about the values we want to stand for five, 10, 15 years down the line, so they’ll have real meaning and depth as we evolve. Everything we do is based not only on our guests’ needs today, but also where we see our brands forging a space tomorrow."

In addition to the new brands, Target is also in the process of redesigning its stores and investing extensively in digital efforts, such as a 360-degree shopping tool on the retailer's website that uses CGI.

Vessels from the new brand
Vessels from the new brand

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