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Young architects tackle U.S.-Mexican border wall, other issues in exhibit
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Twenty-five young architecture firms take on topics as diverse as the income gap, immigration, technology and globalization in an exhibit opening this week at the Center for Architecture. The exhibit, 5x5 Participatory Provocations, spotlights models from each participating firm in an effort to engage the public in argument.

Anthony Titus Studio
Anthony Titus of Anthony Titus Studio is among the architects featured in the exhibition

As the center shares, "Architecture as a profession struggles to simultaneously engage with the public and be provocative within the confines of its own field. Either arguments and proposals get 'dumbed down' or they simply aren’t accessible or relevant. The avant-garde in architecture has for decades captured the imagination via two-dimensional representations; this exhibition asks architects to be just as provocative in three dimensions."

Each of the 25 architects' teams tackled a different prompt: "the future of drone deliveries, the consequences of the construction of extreme luxury high-rises as financial investments, luxury tourism on the moon, the fictional development of NSA community branches, and the potential construction of an anti-immigration wall on the border between the United States and Mexico."

5x5 Participatory Provocation; courtesy Robert Prochaska
5x5 Participatory Provocation; courtesy Robert Prochaska

The exhibit originally opened at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign in February of last year. It will be on view at the Center for Architecture now through October 31,

The full lineup includes:
Abruzzo Bodziak Architects (New York, NY)
Andrew Kovacs / Archive of Affinities (Los Angeles, CA)
Anthony Titus Studio (New York, NY)
Brillhart Architecture (Miami, FL)
Carl Lostritto (Providence, RI)
Club Club (Chicago, IL and New York, NY)
David Emmons (Urbana, IL)
Formlessfinder (New York, NY)
Future Expansion (New York, NY)
GELPI Projects (Miami, FL)
is-office (Los Angeles, CA and Milwaukee, WI)
JKURTZ (Cleveland, OH)
KNE studio (New York, NY)
Kyle May, Architect (New York, NY)
Michael Abrahamson (Ann Arbor, MI)
Norden (Urbana, IL)
Platform for Architecture + Research (Los Angeles, CA)
Path + Price Studio (San Francisco, CA)
P.R.O. (New York, NY)
Sean Gaffney / Christina Nguyen (New York, NY)
Snarkitecture (New York, NY)
SOFTlab (New York, NY)
Studio Cadena (New York, NY)
Ultramoderne (Providence, RI)

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