news | Jun 12, 2017 |
Ori aims to transform studio spaces with ‘smart furniture’

Meet the Murphy bed’s cooler, younger cousin. The MIT-bred Ori System is an “all-in-one” furniture unit designed as a utilitarian solution for urban micro-apartments. Ori CEO Hasier Larrea hired fuseproject, Yves Béhar’s San Francisco­–based design firm, to turn the robotic “smart furniture” functions into a dynamic framework of environments. The sophisticated Ori System is now available for pre-order.

Ori systems
Ori CEO Hasier Larrea wanted a system that would make small urban apartments more functional.

Compact, with a retractable bed, full-size closet, extendable desk, and storage, the system’s potential configurations extend far beyond the pre-set modes for bedroom, lounge, and “walk-in” closet. The portable structure transforms a studio apartment into a functional, multitasking—dare say, comfortable—space.

Ori System Lounge mode
The system comes with several pre-set modes, including the ‘lounge’ option, which creates a social environment.

And there’s no extra wiring required here. Powered by modular robotics, Ori simply fastens to a linear track attached to the floor and plugs into a conventional electrical outlet. The smart system, which uses a tenth of the power consumed by a hairdryer, is manageable via control panel, mobile app or voice systems like Amazon’s Alexa.

Ori system control panel
The system can be controlled via the attached panel, mobile app or voice commands.

The structure, which comes flat-packed and is assembled on-site by company representatives, is currently in use in 10 major cities in the United States and Canada. At $10,000 a unit, the smart furniture is only available for large-scale developers to pre-order at this time.

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