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Behind the new showroom with Dessin Fournir’s Chuck Comeau
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Dessin Fournir Los Angeles, formerly the Therien showroom, recently opened in the La Cienega Design Quarter. The showroom will exhibit a wealth of collections from Ango, Cedric Hartman, Classic Cloth, Dessin Fournir, Dessin Fournir Hand Painted Panels, Dessin Fournir Leather, Erika Brunson, Fritsch, Gérard, Kerry Joyce, Palmer Hargrave, Quatrain, Rose Cumming, Stephen Antonson, Therien and Therien Antiques. Joining the company’s Chicago and New York showrooms, Dessin Fournir Los Angeles will also continue the lines exhibited in the former Therien space. Chuck Comeau, cofounder, CEO and creative director of Dessin Fournir Companies, sat down for a chat with EAL about a space he compares to a home, “bringing together architecture, furnishings and art.”

How would you describe the design of the new showroom?
The new showroom incorporates volumes of space and light. It is unique, because we have the opportunity to design for outdoor spaces in close proximity to the indoor spaces, allowing us to express the individuality of our lines as a group in a common aesthetic.

How does the showroom complement the collections on display there?
Just as with a home, it’s about bringing together architecture, furnishings and art. The new space complements our product with an abundance of natural light and exposure to the outdoors, which results in a space that is more like a residence and less like a showroom.

Did you work with any designers or other partners on the showroom?
Yes, we entrusted the design to Mark Cunningham, founder of Mark Cunningham Inc. in New York. The interiors are the creation of Mark Cunningham, and the architecture is a collaboration between Mark Cunningham and Michael Gilmore, co-founder of Weddle Gilmore Black Rock Studio in Scottsdale, Arizona.

How is this space different from the other two company-owned showrooms?
The sheer volume of space and light distinguishes the space from our other showrooms, and the beautiful garden spaces make the exterior as beautiful as the interior. The space spans three frontage properties, with the first two less like gallery space and instead devoted to furniture, art and lighting in a residential setting. The third storefront will be more of a traditional shop setting with fabrics, lighting and drapery hardware on display.

Any events planned to celebrate the opening?
We are in the final phases of securing the necessary building permits. A formal opening will be announced following the completion of the renovations. Until then, our new showroom in the first two storefronts and garden spaces will be open to clients during the final design process of the third storefront.


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