New Showrooms | Aug 18, 2016 |
Garnet Hill debuts mobile shipping container boutique
Boh staff
By Staff

Garnet Hill has converted a shipping container into a mobile, shoppable home environment, which is moving south from the brand’s headquarters in Franconia, New Hampshire, and on to New York.

“This next step with the Garnet Hill mobile boutique represents a creative twist on retail,” says Claire Spofford, the company’s president. “It’s surprising and retail-focused, but also a wonderfully nontraditional branding platform that gets Garnet Hill out into the world where we can listen to our customer and connect in her own backyard. The need for a tactile experience, and consumer desire for unique shopping experiences, are the driving force behind this mobile boutique.”

The 880-square-foot space was designed by ModEco founder and HGTV Container Homes personality Drake Boroja. It includes product sourced from 40 years’ worth of Garnet Hill inventory, and will host wine tastings, art exhibits, farm-to-table brunches and other events. “The boutique will serve as a multiuse space representative of the natural home environment, with an emphasis on Garnet Hill product integration,” says Spofford. “Every detail, and the events that occur at the boutique, will be curated to create a tangible ‘Beautiful, Naturally’ Garnet Hill customer experience. It’s buzzworthy, beautiful and certainly nontraditional.”

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