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Behind the Domino and Company Store collaboration
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A creative collaboration between The Company Store and Domino magazine will deliver bedding, including a “soft, natural” collection of sheets, duvet covers, coverlets and quilts, as well as decorative accent pillows, all via a number of distribution outlets. Beth Fuchs Brenner, chief revenue officer at the Domino Media Group, shares, “Our collaboration with The Company Store has enabled us to bring beautiful, well-priced bedding and accessories to consumers seeking a more casual, comfortable bedroom look—a look that is ‘so Domino.’ The magic of the collection is in the mix of textures and patterns as the pieces all work seamlessly together.”

Domino and The Company Store​

Fuchs Brenner and Justin Sonfield, president and general merchandise manager of The Company Store, sat down with EAL to chat about the collection and how it unfolded:

Walk us through the collaboration process. How did the designs come about?
The Company Store design team, headed up by Melanie Kaplan, took the lead on this first collection and presented design and fabrication concepts to Jessica Romm and Domino’s editorial team. Working together, the collection was refined, with both groups contributing to the final touches. Our second collection is already in the works, and in fact, Melanie’s and Jessica’s teams have already met twice in the past month to nail down design direction and product selections.

Who was involved in the design? 
Fuchs Brenner:
[Sonfield] and I were the point people for each company and led all marketing, advertising and PR discussions. Jessica and Melanie were the leads on design. Our respective CEOs were involved in the deal points, led by Parham Santana, Domino’s licensing agents, who brought us together as partners. 

Who is your target consumer?  
Fuchs Brenner:
Our customer is anyone looking to bring stylish, urban sensibility—Domino’s sweet spot!—at a comfort and quality level that differs greatly from products generally found at mass, [which is] The Company Store’s heritage.

What makes the brands a good fit for each other?
Our brands are a good fit because we complement each other—The Company Store brings 105 years of making the highest-quality bedding and decor for your home, accessible pricing driven through direct to consumer sourcing, and a powerful distribution channel through its catalogue and website. Domino brings the all-important style cred and exposure to a next-generation design audience via our fast-growing print, digital, email and social channels. 

The collection will be featured in the fall issue of Domino magazine and online.

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