Fred Nicolaus

Why Kerry Joyce is bringing his furniture lines in-house

industry insider | April 22, 2019
Last Week, Los Angeled–based interior designer Kerry Joyce announced that he was cancelling his outside licenses for furniture and lighting (including a partnership with imperilled manufacturer Dessin Fournir, though Joyce made the decision before the company filed for Chapter 11). Instead, he’s bringing the entire 130-piece collection under one roof. Once the lines are consolidated, the designer plans on expanding the collection and opening an L.A. showroom. By Fred Nicolaus

Sean Juneja of Décor Aid on why interior design can’t be Uber-ized

podcast | April 22, 2019
In the world of design startups, scaling up is often the goal—but not for web-based brand Décor Aid. In this week’s Business of Home podcast, co-founder Sean Juneja explains why his strategy focuses on maintaining steady growth and personal relationships. By Fred Nicolaus

Back in business, Consort comes clean

weekly feature | April 17, 2019
The buzzy Los Angeles–based furniture brand’s co-founder, Mat Sanders, opens up to Business of Home about the pitfalls of scaling too fast, why Consort hit a rough patch, and how the company will make a comeback this season. By Fred Nicolaus

Bernie de Le Cuona’s ‘unpopular ideas’ may be just what the industry needs

podcast | April 15, 2019
Bernie de Le Cuona, founder and CEO of her namesake fabric house, is a veteran of the industry, but she’s not living in the past. On the latest episode of the Business of Home podcast, she tells host Dennis Scully why she prefers the excitement—and even the instability—of a shifting marketplace. By Fred Nicolaus

Why Mecox Gardens is getting into the wholesale game

industry insider | April 10, 2019
Mac Hoak has been coming to High Point for years, but usually on the other side of the table. This year, the founder of specialty retailer Mecox Gardens went to North Carolina not to buy, but to sell. Mecox has a new line of wholesale furniture, a first in the company’s history. By Fred Nicolaus

Dessin Fournir files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

industry insider | April 10, 2019
The Plainville, Kansas–headquartered company files for Chapter 11 months after shuttering showrooms in major markets. Founder and CEO Chuck Comeau apologized to clients and creditors, whom his company owes between $10 to $50 million. By Fred Nicolaus

Is this the first truly direct-to-consumer startup?

digital disruptors | April 4, 2019
Unlike other bedding disruptors, who cobble together a supply chain from third party vendors across the globe, 10Grove relies on a simple two-step process: their fabric is made at a partner mill in Italy and shipped to founder Rana Argenio’s family’s factory in Houston, where’s it cut, sewn and shipped. Argenio says the simplicity of the process allows 10Grove to cut out more middlemen, control quality, and deliver a superior product at a comparable price point. By Fred Nicolaus

Can this designer-led charity go national?

industry insider | April 4, 2019
Susan Wintersteen founded Savvy Giving by Design to support children in medical crisis by redesigning their living spaces to prioritize wellness and comfort. Her goal: Establish chapters in every state by 2025, so designers can help kids and their families nationwide. By Fred Nicolaus

Bobby Berk has paid his dues

podcast | April 1, 2019
In this week’s Business of Home podcast, Dennis Scully chats with the Queer Eye star about his humble beginnings, the path to design superstardom, and his new furniture line for A.R.T. By Fred Nicolaus

1stdibs CEO weighs in on new $76M round of funding

industry insider | March 29, 2019
An online giant just got a little bigger. Yesterday, 1stbibs announced a round of Series D funding to the tune of $76 million, bringing up its total investment to $170 Million. By Fred Nicolaus
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