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Millennial whisperer: Behind Domino’s cult-like fan base

Everyone loves Domino, or knows someone who loves Domino. “This is a strong brand with a cult-like fan base,” says Nathan Coyle, CEO of Domino for just shy of two years. The opportunities such a vibrant brand brings are what lured him away from a top post at digital media company Refinery29. “We are head and shoulders above our competitors in the home space in connecting with the 18- to 24-year-old audience, so we’re the go-to platform for advertisers to reach the next generation,” he says.

Millennial whisperer: Behind Domino’s cult-like fan base
Nathan Coyle

Coyle’s vision includes busting out of the parameters of a traditional media company—beyond magazines, websites and even e-commerce. “I have a strong opinion about the future of media,” he says. “It’s critical that we unlock revenue streams beyond traditional advertiser dollars.” From the get-go, he was keen on finding the right partners. Now, the fruits of his labor are unfolding with experiential offshoots of the Domino brand that include events like pop-ups with AmEx Platinum in the Hamptons and at Home Depot in New York, and a tabletop collection in collaboration with Lenox this spring. 

Coyle also continues to develop the brand’s real-estate staging program, in which of-the-moment interior designers create model spaces for developer partners. “In the traditional model, real estate companies pay a fee and get an apartment that is decorated,” says Coyle. “But with us, they get a designer with a real point of view, as well as beautiful editorial that we publish in print and online.” (The fourth collaboration takes place this spring, with Bennett Leifer outfitting the Corcoran property 100 Barclay in Tribeca.) It’s a heady series of launches—all made possible, Coyle says, because of readers who care. “The engagement with the Domino audience is so authentic,” he says, recalling a recent New York Times article about bots on social feeds. “Our followers are real, they’re leaned in, and they’re engaged.” 

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