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Five Tips for Pitching and Closing

Maintaining design jobs in the pipeline is the bane of many designers’ existences. Let’s face it: Closing deals just isn’t what drew the visually gifted to this field. Luckily, it’s not as unnatural as you might think.

According to sales coach John Livesay, “the pitch” can be broken down into these essential parts:

1| Gut, Heart, Head Right from the start, the pitch should be trying to win over the client’s trust (gut reaction); they should be empathizing with you (heart); and they should be able to determine if hiring you will work for them (head).

2| Design Presentation Give design details without being too specific. The focus should still be on how the design elements will benefit the client.

3 | Needs Analysis Gathering a lot of information from the client gives you the opportunity to control the conversation and stay on topic.

4| Prepare for Objections A serious client will have objections or questions. Know how to respond using previous experiences and successes.

5| Timing There will be times when the answer from a client is “no” or “not right now,” but those opportunities provide an opportunity to grow, learn and better connect next time.

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