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A designer’s guide to crystals

Devotees believe these natural mineral formations can purify and ground a home’s energy.

A designer’s guide to crystals
Heather AskinosieCourtesy of Energy Muse

Whether or not you’re into New Age-y talismans and rituals, most of us can agree that the energy in a home, while invisible, is very real. Maybe that’s why certain routines just seem to refresh a space physically and emotionally—from purging a cluttered closet to throwing open the windows after returning home from a long trip.

While there’s no scientific evidence proving that crystals have healing properties, some believe they have naturally high vibrations due to their connection with the earth and theorize that crystals can help bring peace and balance to your home, much the way meditation does for your mind. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re just plain pretty. “When you walk into your home after bringing in crystals, it feels lighter,” says Heather Askinosie, co-founder of Torrance, California–based crystal brand Energy Muse. “I like to think of crystals as a way to anchor the energy of the home, bringing stability and calm. People I’ve worked with have experienced a wide range of benefits after incorporating crystals, including a better mood and improved sleep.”

Are your clients curious about trying crystals, but not sure where to start? Askinosie recommends picking up one of the five essential types below and trying this simple ritual: Hold the crystal while taking a few deep breaths, allowing it to center and energize you.

3 amethyst crystalsforeverydaylifedeck

Amethyst: This violet-hued crystal is considered a natural stress reliever that can help you release toxic emotions. Place it in the living room or kitchen to bring a relaxing energy to busy common spaces.

43 rosequartz crystalsforeverydaylifedeck

Rose quartz: Known as the stone of love, the pink-hued crystal is said to promote compassion and unconditional love. Keep it in a central area—a bedroom or a favorite nook—to help warm vibes flow.

13 blacktourmaline crystalsforeverydaydeck

Black tourmaline: This intense dark crystal is thought to have powerful protective and anxiety-fighting properties. Try putting it by the front door to prevent negative energy from entering a home.

44 selenite crystalsforeverydaylifedeck

Selenite: Made of semiopaque white calcium sulfate, selenite is believed to attract positive energy and light, and should live on a windowsill or somewhere prominent in a home to infuse the space with high vibrations. 

45 shungite crystalsforeverydaylifedeck

Shungite: This unique carbon mineral contains antioxidant properties and is thought to boost energy and soothe insomnia. Keep it near tech devices for a protective buffer against the effects of electromagnetic fields. 

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